Baws Hyeri Successfully Orders The Military To Change Water Filter Picture From A Pink To Girl’s Day

Girls-Day-The-Female-President-4 hyeri

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri has been hard at work as a part of a special female soldier project for television program “Real Men” but that hasn’t stopped her from successfully promoting Girl’s Day/trolling A Pink.

During a recent episode, Hyeri had a simple, yet hilarious, request:

Commander, I have a request.” When the commander asked her what it was, she asked, “Could you change the photo next to the water filter to Girl’s Day’s?

When the commander asked who was there now, Hyeri answered, “It’s A Pink.

Seeing as Hyeri is an absolute boss who will not be denied anything, the military obviously bowed to her wishes.

A soldier recently posted a picture on his Facebook showing Girl’s Day’s photo on a water purifier and commented, “In response to Hyeri’s recent request aired on ‘Real Men‘, we changed our picture on the water filter from A Pink to Girl’s Day.

All hail Commander-in-Chief Hyeri.

All hail Commander-in-Chief Hyeri.

Damn straight. Ruthless Hyeri cares not for your A Pink. Girl’s Day will reign supreme.



  1. LOL. I guess that’s the least they can do considering she had to go without make up and put on fatigues for that show.

  2. Also, all hail Hyeri who’s Aegyo on ‘Real Men’ has gone viral.

    1. Yes, she has been making quite a name for herself between this show and an appearance on We Got Married with the rest of her group dropping in on Yura for a meal where she made like Sooyoung from SNSD and ate everything that wasn’t nailed down like a hungry guy. It was a great move by her company getting her on “Real Men” as it is a very popular show and is getting her some great exposure, though some A Pink fans are all butthurt apparently not understanding her request was meant as a joke and she wasn’t really trying to torpedo A Pink. Some netizens have no sense of humor with it comes to their favorite groups, or they can’t seem to pick up on sarcasm or teasing versus actually trying to be an ass.

      I do think this was funny that just a day or two after that aired someone in a barracks changed that picture though. If I was G.Na who is also on the show I would ask next week to change it from Girl’s Day to her.

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