Rainbow’s Jaekyung Continues To Be More Talented At Everything, Makes Hanbok For Her Dog


As anyone who follows her Twitter would know, Kim Jaekyung is pretty much the MacGyver of K-Pop. The girl has so many craft and cooking-related talents that she could probably start a multitude of companies on her own if she weren’t too busy trying to breathe life into the too-often-rudderless Rainbow.

The most recent example of Jaekyung’s utter dominance of all things crafts comes in the form of a dog-hanbok for Jaekyung’s pet Macaron.

Along with the photographic evidence of the mini-hanbok, Jaekyung wrote the following, noting how she not only spent a rare break to make a piece of clothing for her dog, but she did so to avoid paying market price for one (who knew that there would be a market for Chuseok-themed outfits for canines).

Is everybody having a happy Chuseok?  Let’s try to have a happy time with the people precious to us at least today!  Designer Kim is spending her first break in a while lighting her working passion!  What do you think I’m making?

The hanbok completed after sweat after sweat!  As expected… The ones being sold at the market were too expensive…

It is adorably cute. Macaron is adorably cute in it. Jaekyung is adorably cute, period. Girl needs to start her own media and product empire because she’s almost being wasted in Rainbow.

Jaekyung Rainbow Sexy Men's Health February 2014 (2)

From February. Don’t care.




  1. The dog looks embarrassed, though.

    1. As the dog should. It’s well made but dogs shouldn’t wear clothes. Ever.

      1. Yeah, that sort of thing shouldn’t happen to a dog. Can you imagine what dogs say to each other when they see other dogs in the park dressed up like that. They must never live it down at doggy day care.

  2. I thought the last photo was someone else. Thanks for the heads up. She’s smoking hot in the Men’s Health spread.

  3. It seems really bizarre that Rainbow last summer made a finalist stage with Sunshine, which showed they had gained some momentum after Tell Me, but instead of coming back 4 to 6 months later to take advantage of that as a full group, they have been idle for over a year now except for a sub-unit. I realize DSP has been distracted by the situation with Kara, which is their primary earner, but that also shows DSP’s management limitations I think where they don’t juggle very well and don’t take advantage of striking while the iron is hot with Rainbow. When you look at another small company like Starship you see how important it is to cash flow to juggle your acts, so that a month seldom goes by that one of your artists isn’t releasing new material and that you aren’t promoting your stars. K.Will is on Real Men and has his own radio show, Sistar promotes 1, 2, or 3 times per year, Sistar 19 promotes every other year, Hyorin drops a solo album, Soyu has two duets in a year, Dasom is in a daily drama for 8 months, Mad Clown drops his own single, JungGiGo drops his own single, Boyfriend drops an album, Bora has a supporting actress gig in a drama, etc. This doesn’t even include single episode and miscellaneous regular guest variety appearances, personal appearances, photo spreads for magazines, etc. Rainbow has seven members and we should hear more about the. Hopefully with Kara back on track apparently DSP will give some focus to Rainbow.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    Jaekyung, Jisook, Sojin, Yura, that unbelievably hot Seobaby. These are the perfect ones.

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