T-ARA Will Make The World Go Blind With MV Teaser For “Sugar Free”

The good news: T-ara is making a comeback and the beat hits the group’s sweet spot; an EDM-fueled thumper that T-ara has yet to whiff. Eunjung, Jiyeon and Soyeon look like they are making it their mission to slay humanity with a single gaze. Honestly, it’s T-ara, so there’s a great chance that the music, choreography and styling will be on point.

The bad news: Did someone let Hyomin secretly edit this thing? You would think that the group would have learned after the seizure-inducing strobe-light-advertisement-masquerading-as-music-video that was “Day By Day.” (Also, Boram but that goes without saying, amirite?)

In all, this will most definitely/probably/likely be worth it because as much as CCM can’t do anything right from a PR standpoint, they are really freaking good at making some catchy music.

The group has also quizzically released a “making-of” clip for a video which no one has seen yet. It is somehow even more dizzying than the first teaser. For real, T-ara may have some diabolical intent buried beneath all of this.

I am excited but this may be one of the few times in K-Pop where I’m more eager to listen to the final product rather than view it.

No Selca Sunday today because things were understandably quiet on that end this week. I’ve been purposefully staying away from posting on Ladies Code because I can’t say that I follow the group and the K-Pop blogosphere has been all over it if you’re looking for material (if I see one more BREAKING or UPDATE title on the subject, I may hurl my laptop). I have nothing to add except my condolences for the members’ loved ones.

Until next week, y’all.



  1. I wonder if “Futurama’s” hypno-toad is involved in the video and after we watch it, we will all go out and raise crickets for our new toad masters.

    By the way, I am diabetic, so I am glad they are going “sugar-free” though I do worry about the long-term effect of sugar alternatives on one’s health and the environment.

  2. Looks like another Hyomin production.

    Sounds interesting, though.

  3. I am looking forward to hear the song, watching both of those teaser clips gave me a slight headache, so I may have to pass on the actual mv.

  4. “…they are really freaking good at making some catchy music”.
    Amen to that. Looking forward to this too. For someone who doesn’t consider himself as a T-ara fan, I sure do have a lot of their tracks in my music library.
    Give Boram a break, lah. I finally watched T-ara’s video for ‘Hide & Seek’ and was surprised to see that it was Boram handling the high notes. I guess some of Jeon Youngrok’s singing genes did rub off on her.

  5. brooke lynnannne · · Reply

    I have been waiting for your full review of this. Are you going to do one? Their mini album was great!!

    1. Most likely Friday. Got swept up in life stuff last week so I hope to have time to sit down and think/write on Friday.

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