Jessica And Krystal Jung Ain’t Impressed With Shit For Laplalette


“C’mon, really bro?”

Jessica and Krystal Jung may get some flack for supposedly being “icy” or whatever but the image and persona of the “ice princess” is such a fixture by this point that the two of them should just embrace it.

Take this recent photoshoot that the pair did for Laplalette. By anyone else, it would just be a standard shoot of some trendy Fall clothes. Helmed by Jessica and Krystal though? The shoot’s concept magically comes across as almost hilariously disdainful as the two give varying shades of the same utterly unimpressed face to the camera each and every time.

The Jung sisters just don’t have time for your shit. (Krystal needs to work on her “icy” face though. Girl eye-smiles too much. Jessica is the one true master.)

Ain't got time for nuthin'.

Ain’t got time for nuthin’.

Move along please.

“Move along please.”

Jessica's all like, "Nah, I'm not looking at the camera."

Jessica’s all like, “Nah, I’m not looking at the camera.”

Thrilled to meet you.

“Thrilled to meet you. Really. Thrilled.”

Your life is inferior.

“Your life is inferior.”

See that sign? Yeah, follow it.

“See that sign? It applies to you.”

"Oh, you're still here?"

“Oh, you’re still here?”


“Get out.”



  1. I wonder how backlogged SM is with requests for Jessica and Krystal to model for fashion mags whether together or separately. Jessica especially really seems to know how to use her eyes and pose. It seems like she gets more modeling work than even Yoona and Sooyoung who have what would be considered the more classic tall and thin model appearance. Obviously she isn’t the “bitch” that some perceive her to be or she wouldn’t be so in demand for magazines, fashion labels, and photographers to work with. Clearly she is very professional. Krystal also seems to be modeling constantly. The Jung parents must be very proud of their girls.success.

  2. You can tell Jessica has had more work done than Krystal… that nose… YIKES

  3. Whenever I see these ads on buses/bus stops here in Seoul I get amused by the amount of judgement, but whatever the girls look fab anyway (also a picture of Jessica’s face taller than me is a landmark used for directions by my friends haha)

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