In Today’s Edition Of Horrible People Do Horrible Things On The Internet: Horrible Impersonators Create Fake Ladies’ Code’s EunB Accounts


I had been hesitant to write much on the passing of Ladies’ Code’s EunB for a couple of reasons but mostly because I found that there wasn’t much that I could say. I didn’t dabble in Ladies’ Code’s discography, know little about the group and the only reaction that I had (“that fucking sucks”) seems fairly self-evident. Also, writing on things like “death” and “the effects of celebrity on the modern world” are way outside of my talent level and comfort zone and can probably be done much better by others.

Any death is tragic, especially when the person is young and full of potential. Weirdly, or perhaps not, this goes double for young celebrity deaths. These are people who make it their life’s mission to entertain people who they will never meet or know on any real level but who nevertheless can profoundly influence and touch the lives of many.  To have someone that young die so unexpectedly due to something that is both incredibly random and incredibly commonplace (a goddamn car accident) is especially resonate.

Unfortunately, what is also becoming increasingly normal in our mass media and internet age are the opportunities for horrible people to do horrible things without much, if any, consequence. Hence, the sadly predictable rise of fake “EunB” social media accounts following her death:

In the midst of this grievous time, reports of these impersonators and the appalling messages left on their fake accounts are causing many people to become outraged by this unacceptable behavior.

Recently, on a mobile social network service, an impersonator created an account under the name “EunB” and posted messages that read, “I’m still alive everyone,” “This picture is all a lie (referring to a photo of EunB’s wake),” and “I’m completely fine.”

It is hard to know why some people feel the need to do horrendous stuff like this. It’s not like the motive is attention-seeking as the whole point of this shit is to be as anonymous and asshole-ish as possible.

Some people want to sing and dance on stage for people to make their lives better, if even for a minute. Others want to watch the world burn for their own amusement. If there is any small comfort to be found, it’s that only the first group of people will be missed once they’re gone.



  1. I’d wanted to suggest maybe it was fans in denial but who are we kidding, these are your bona fide trolls. Also, this oddly reminds me of the 1997 anime horror/mystery classic ‘Perfect Blue’ (Pafekuto Buru).

    Internet Trolls ~ stalking 14 year olds since the dawn of the net

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    I know this is common knowledge, but the world at least seemed to be a better place before the fucking internet. Assholes.

  3. Because people in general… ain’t shit.

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