SPICA’s Barely-A-Sub-Unit SPICA.S To Team Up With Brave Brothers, Will Presumably Run The World

spica.s group

Fresh off their latest English single, the vocal powerhouse that is known as SPICA will now divide into a “sub-unit” for their next offering. Sub-unit had to be put into quotations because a four member “sub-unit” for a five-person group is not so much a sub-unit as it is Unit-Lite.

SPICA.S (the “S” stands for “special”) will consist of Bohyung, Jiwon, Narae and Jihyun. They will be collaborating with Brave Brothers for their “debut” single “Don’t Want To Give You Up” which will probably rock because every single member of SPICA is pretty damn great and Brave Brothers can put together a fine beat when they aren’t releasing fifty tracks in a month.

The “sub-unit” also released some teaser images and things look promising:

Juhyun, suspended in purgatory.

Juhyun, suspended in purgatory.

Sufficiently teased.

Sufficiently teased.

Narae. That is all.

Narae. That is all.

Yup, what a "sub-unit."

Yup, what a “sub-unit.”

Best news of the long weekend as far as I'm concerned.

Best news of the long weekend as far as I’m concerned.

Meanwhile, the female goddess known as Boa is working on a solo project, which explains the need for a “SPICA.S.” This means we are one step closer towards the tantalizing possibility of SPICA branching out and releasing multiple projects in various combinations all year long (a feat which SPICA is almost uniquely capable of pulling off thanks to their roster of goodness). I just hope that those hypothetical projects receive better names than “SPICA.S”.



  1. I wish I could get excited about this. But my heart is just too heavy right now.

    1. I guess you are referring to the news about EunBi. That was really sad to hear about and at this point we have no idea how bad the injuries were to Sojung and Rise other than them saying critical. Supposedly a wheel came off the van according to the label, but that sounds a bit odd. My first suspicion in these auto accidents involving idols is that the manager or the driver have been up maybe even longer than the girls for days on end and nodded off at the wheel or was just groggy enough not to notice that something was odd with the van before that wheel came off. Regardless of how the accident happened it is terribly sad news for a very promising group. I hope that Sojung and Rise have a full recovery and can return to performing if they want to or are able to. It would be nice if they manage to comeback, but after something like this, you wonder if they can. I’m certain fans would like to see them perform together again or even just for them to stand on stage together at the end or year shows if they have a remembrance segment for EunBi. I wish them the best.

    2. If you’re talking about EunB, yeah I totally get it. Didn’t want to write anything about it because there’s not much more I can say than it really, really sucks when accidents like this happen.

      1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · ·

        It’s so odd. I’m a big fan of LC. Pretty Pretty and So Wonderful are two of my favorite songs. But I’m really having trouble understanding why this is hitting me so hard. I’m not unaccustomed to death. I’ve lost many friends and family members over the years. The ferry tragedy earlier this year was much worse in terms of overall loss, but this…I’m just not handling it well. It’s hard for me to listen to any Kpop right now without breaking down. These people are supposed to bring us joy and happiness. And she was so young and full of life. I just can’t seem to summon the usual coping mechanisms I use when shit like this happens.

        And all of the people praying to a God that would allow this kind of thing to happen is really pissing me off too. Just had to get that out.

      2. Sadly it sounds like there may be more bad news soon regarding RiSe. They had to suspend her surgery due to a loss of blood pressure. She apparently had massive head trauma and internal injuries to her abdomen. I get the feeling the doctors are now waiting on her parents to arrive from Japan to brief them on the situation and the parents will likely have to make a very tough decision. The only good news is there hasn’t been anymore bad news regarding Sojung, but it sounds like she is in very bad shape too and is not out of the woods yet. I feel so bad for Zuny and Ashley. This must be killing them that they are more or less fine, but one friend is dead, and the other two are in critical condition. I hope their families are on route or were already in Seoul as they must be a mess and likely need folks keeping an eye on them and trying to help them cope with this.

  2. The thing with SPICA is while this seems like an odd arrangement (The lead singer doing a solo project, while the other four perform together), they have the rare combination of talent to do so. Most groups other than Sistar, with Hyorin and Soyu, couldn’t have their lead singer off doing a solo project and still have he rest of he group release something. Few K-pop groups are deep enough in credible singers to do that as most don’t have two true leads. I hope that perhaps the sub-unit doing something sexy draws some eyeballs with ears that follow and hopefully recognize that these girls can flat out sing, and then that Boa drops something truly awesome as a solo release that draws attention to her group the way Hyorin going on Immortal Song regularly drew attention to hers.

    The thing is that SPICA’s members are all in their mid 20’s, so if they do sexy, its not like they have an underage maknae out there. I don’t think a cute concept would fit them well at all as it would seem silly unless it was done as parody.

    I’m looking forward to what they come up with.

    1. Yeah, with their age and general make up I don’t see a cute concept working quite well for them. I am definitely excited to see what they can come up with though.

  3. Hope this helps them, they need a win. Do note the absence of my spica bias the bug-eyed beauty Boa. Don’t want this one to be too successful.

    1. Well, let’s hope the sub-unit slays it and then Boa comes along with her solo release and slays it too.

  4. I really don’t get the sub-unit, since 90% of the group is working together. I’m interested in seeing what the album sounds like, though.

  5. I really don’t get the sub-unit, since 90% of the group is working together. I’m interested in seeing what the album sounds like, though.

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