Waifu Wednesday: Jimin

jimin aoa cover

Shin Ji Min (better known as Jimin) is a South Korean guitarist, rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the leader and guitarist for K-Pop girl group Ace of Angels (AOA).

Truth be told, Jimin’s rapping voice bothers me. The girl can spit just fine for a K-Pop song but she has a nasal delivery which sounds like what would happen if SISTAR’s Bora was given a dose of helium while having a stuffed nose. Everything else more than makes up for that though. While Jimin’s position as leader may be a bit surprising to some given that she’s usually not the first, second or third person that comes to mind when the phrase “AOA” is uttered, she’s a great representative of what makes AOA interesting. Firstly, she can play instruments, rap proficiently and dance very well. Secondly, she’s cute while also having an edge to her that works perfectly for a rock band. Lastly, girls who play instruments are spazz-worthy as proven by the science that I have just completely made up to support my points above. Basically, bring back guitarist and eternal goddess Jimin so she may continue to shine her bright light on the darkness of humanity.


Jimin’s cuteness mends intergalactic relations between alien species.



Jimin could power a metropolitan area with her swagger.

Alternatively, she could stone cold knock out a city as well.

Alternatively, she could stone cold knock out a city as well.

Jimin’s beauty is so incomprehensible it breaks the laws of physics.

Not enough processing power on the planet to comprehend.

Not enough processing power on the planet to comprehend.

Jimin is so talented that Swiss Army Knives feel inadequate around her.



Jimin shines brighter than a super nova to the face.

Spitting more hot fire than Dylan.

Spitting more hot fire than Dylan.

Jimin is so impossible, she solved for the last digit of pi.

Case closed, y'all can go home.

Case closed, y’all can go home.


fangirling despicable me



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Rocking the Gibson SG. Ace of Angels has to be the coolest band name ever.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    oh and she is hot as hell

  3. Slug, you’re the best. While it’s dead easy to pick AOA lookers like Soelhyun or Hyejeong, you didn’t go for the low-hanging fruits and selected Jimin instead.

    Jimin’s not your typical K-Pop pretty, but still hot in an androgynous way and has great showmanship. I first noticed her for her spot on cos-play in the ‘Get Out’ MV as Mathilda from Leon The Professional. She also handles herself and her leadership role very well during interviews.

    Here’s a couple of fan facts that shed some light on Jimin’s personality and why she totally rocks:
    • received a guitar from her mum as her birthday gift and named it Mimi
    • practiced so much on her guitar that she had to go for Carpal Tunnel syndrome surgery
    • always places a black and white cat plushie on her guitars
    • got into AOA through her singing, but focused on rap with encouragement from Choa.
    • wrote many of the rap parts in their songs and is known to ‘sleep rap’
    • voted most fashion-savvy member by her group
    • fan of the British band ‘The Ting Tings’

  4. I agree with everything you said except that I love her rapping voice. XD

  5. See, I love her voice. It’s almost unbearably cute and certainly distinctive. And that last gif is probably my favorite video moment ever.

    1. Huh, to each their own.

  6. I really like Jimin. But for me, she is the third person who comes up when thinking of AOA. And her delivery is still galaxies better than Bora’s :/
    That fourth pic is great o.O
    I feel like with the last two comebacks she was able to show her sex appeal more.

  7. probably she will become a big bomb if AOA comes to Japan.

    and out-of-topic comments like i’m usually do, can you make the review of EXID ‘Up and Down’ MV ? i promise this mv is good. Especially LE.

    1. I’ll take a look. If I think I have anything interesting to say about it, I’ll throw it up here tomorrow.

  8. Those Her lines, no lies were detected.

    Shit, Jimin’s probably the one Block B were talking about in HER.

    (Oh, and Nasal-y voice description was #accurate)

  9. Jimin’s cute personality is what makes her my favorite member of AOA.

  10. I don’t know if you have seen it, but I enjoyed this song that Jimin did on Unpretty Rapstar in the semi-finals. Her English pronunciation is awful and her voice is nasally (Though somehow being that petite you almost expect a voice that is somewhat Lilliputian), but the song is such raunchy fun with its music and Jimin is having some much fun swearing and referring to people as pussies and I can’t tell from certain, but possibly referring to her own puss (I don’t think she meant her cat or that she was afraid) at one point. If if you don’t like her rapping, you do get to see Choa in some crowd shots and you can always turn down the sound and watch Jimin bounce around the stage.

  11. Thanks for sharing. There’s an interesting back story to this. The show pits 8 females rappers against each other for a chance to release an album. Jimin was the token idol placed into the competition. She broke down in tears on screen in the first episode as the other ‘serious underground’ rappers were wondering what the hell was she even there.
    You can also sense this in the above video from the death stares she’s getting from Cheetah, who did an awesome solo rap but without any backup dancers and male partner. She ended up losing to Jimin.
    FWIW, I think Jimin deserved her win as her performance was more entertaining, especially if you listen to the uncensored expletives-filled version below.

    1. My bad, I think Cheetah was the winner of that round (and went on to win the competition). Don’t feel bad for Jimin though. Their song ‘Puss’, which was co-written by Jimin, scored an all-kill on the charts!
      Now go watch the performance again, this time uncensored: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAvk_L9CHws

      1. Yes, I heard that Cheetah won and from what I understand deservedly so. I think that I had seen that while Jimin had the points to make it to the semi-finals even with a win in the semi’s she wouldn’t advance to the finals or something to that effect unless one of the other three had an epic fail performance. I was just shocked that an idol would even say those words in public, so my hat is off to her as they are so drilled on keeping their images pristine that I would bet it is hard to let loose like that at times. Certainly it was nice of her agency to apparently take the cuffs off her and let her do what she needed to do to try and win. It was nice she accounted herself so well as an early exit would have been more embarrassing for idols in some ways than her personally. I can certainly imagine that the rappers were like WTF is this idol wannabe rapper doing here. One wonders how some other rappers from K-pop groups would have done? Do you know who the women were they kept cutting away to for reactions in some offstage room? Were they the MC’s of the show? They seemed too young to be the contestants’ moms though that would have been funny getting mom’s reacting to their daughters dropping all sorts of English four letter words. This was a nice bonus for Iron as he is about to drop a debut album I think in the coming week. It certainly get’s his name out there and increases interest in his album. This likely got AOA a little street cred with Jimin doing so well. Maybe it will get them a some extra audience especially if they have Jimin’s sub-unit release something where they play their instruments. Thanks for the unedited link.

      2. “Do you know who the women were they kept cutting away to for reactions in some offstage room?” – the other contestants. Kisum was the one that went ‘wow’.

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