SISTAR Performs With Hologram Versions Of Bora And Hyorin For “Touch My Body”

sistar hologram touch my body

SISTAR is now so popular that they apparently don’t even need Hyorin and Bora to do the heavy lifting any more.

The “group” did a live performance of “Touch My Body” but they did so without Hyorin and Bora, who were presumably busy being way too popular to deign “Star King” with their actual presence.

How you know you’ve made it: You get to join the likes of Michael Jackson and Tupac as performers who’s very image causes mass adoration by those in the audience (although it seems like the proportions of Bora and Hyorin were a bit off. The two holograms look like they were injected with growth hormones)

On the flip side, it’s hard to not help but feel a little bad for Soyu and Dasom. SISTAR19 already exists to remind people who SISTAR’s A-Team is. Sending out the overly-qualified Soyu and maknae Dasom to perform with air seems almost cruel (especially when they have to do that awful “shake” move). At least they performed well?



  1. Well it is nice that much like SNSD, even the girls that aren’t the A-team in the group are now popular enough and have shown enough wit and charm to be sent on shows without Bora and/or Hyorin. That also allows the group to be more places at one time increasing their promotional opportunities. Dasom seems to be much more comfortable on these shows now that she did that drama run. It really seems to have boosted her confidence.

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