SNSD’s Taeyeon Clarifies To Reporter That Reality TV Shows Are Not Actually Documentaries


At a press conference for TaeTiSeo’s upcoming reality program, a member of the press was apparently confused about what constitutes a “reality TV show’ and Taeyeon had to give an impromptu lesson on the differences between a promotional reality television show designed to promote a damn album and a documentary.

Given that this is the first reality program that Taeyeon will be involved in since it was made public that she’s in a relationship with EXO’s Baekhyun (or deviously lied and tricked her fans while bathing in the tears of the small children depending on your source), one reporter decided to remind Taeyeon of the unnecessary shitstorm that caused her social hiatus from… everything and Taeyeon was having none of that:

The purpose of the program is to show the process of preparing for the new album as well as TaeTiSeo’s fashion and beauty, all of which people may be curious about.

I do not think I need to reveal everything from my personal life just because it’s a reality program. The daily life of TaeTiSeo shows us playing, eating, and chatting, so I hope you would put aside your focus on the private side of things.”

In other words, “Stay out of my damn business.”

I whole-heartedly approve of Baws-Take-No-Bullshit Taeyeon.




  1. Yes, it was nice to see her address that so well. It’s also nice that she seems to tentatively be taking steps back to using Instagram. It’s amazing how what were likely a bunch of 14 year old keyboard jockeys, who have no understanding of a relationship and that people in one do those sort of cute coded messages at times especially if they have a dorky streak like Taeyeon, can create so much trouble.

    By the way, are you sure it was only tears of small children she was bathing in? I had heard she actually was celebrating black masses and sacrificing her pre-pubescent fans to Satan, her master and the Lord of Lies. LOL.

    I just hope she will be back posting regularly soon. She had one of the better Instagram accounts out there and really seemed to enjoy sharing things that interested her and made her Taeyeon.

  2. You realize that telling adults that reality TV isn’t a documentary is akin to telling a child that Santa Claus isn’t real. Now Taeyeon will have a bunch of new haters, idiot adults, who really think reality TV is completely unscripted reality and will be upset that she has told them otherwise.

  3. Taeyeon is a real baws.

    out of topic, can you reviewing Stellar’s Mask? i know you hated them since Marionette, but this one is good.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    She can’t show her personal life just yet. South Korea are not ready. The kid is a decoy to throw off the scent of Taengsic. Sone know what I’m talking about.

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