SISTAR Is Absolutely Slaying Their Teasers For “I Swear”

This may be one of the rare times where what a SISTAR song sounds like excites me more than what it will probably look like (which is pretty unbeliveable considering how on point the looks are here). Horns are always welcomed in summer jams, especially when they pair so well with Hyorin’s voice, so the Duble Sidekick production seems like it’s headed in the right direction. In other words, this has all the workings of a perfect way to send the summer off right.

And then there’s the visuals. The “totally-framed-to-look-spontaneous-summer-fun” trope is a fallback standard that is almost as predictable as a dance-in-a-box concept (seriously, go easy on the sparklers everyone) but SISTAR has chosen some wonderful shots of beaches on Saipan which should be put to good use when combined with all the glory that is SISTAR.

Also, the teaser images are hype. Pure, unadulterated, joyous hype.

There are no weaknesses here.

There are no weaknesses here.

I swear, this is unfair.

I swear, this is unfair.

Surrender to SISTAR.

Surrender to SISTAR.

Resistance is futile.

Resistance is futile.

Make August 26th a holiday.


One comment

  1. Maybe it’s me, but since Soyu really started hitting the weights more seriously and really toned up, she seems to be a lot more confident in showing off what a nice body she has too. Even Dasom the “forgotten member” seems to have grown a lot more confident in herself since she did that daily drama.

    There was a point just before Christmas that Dasom was interviewed and sounded a bit like she was obsessing about her weight from seeing herself on TV which sounded a bit like the beginning of an eating disorder with her already having visibly become very thin. It looks like with the comeback this summer that the workout crazy members of her group that actually eat pretty healthy got her lifting weights and eating better as she seems to have become more fit looking than just skinny.

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