Waifu Wednesday: Miryo

miryo beg abs

Jo Mi-hye (better known by her stage name Miryo) is a South Korean rapper. She is best known for being a member of K-pop group Brown Eyed Girls.

Let’s be clear. There are “K-Pop rappers” and then there are rappers in K-Pop. Most of the former are incredibly pretty girls who can’t hold a note but are given a bunch of lines to say really fast as an excuse to get them on stage. Then, there’s the much rarer “rapper in K-Pop” who can actually rap and just so happens to do so within the structure of K-Pop songs. Miryo is the prime example of the latter. Miryo was recruited by Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA, following the disbanding of Miryo’s previous group Honey Family. The decision would work out for everyone as Miryo would give the Brown Eyed Girls a sharp edge to go with their outstanding R&B sensibilities. She also lends her songwriting talents to the group because when you’re that talented, why not. It’s Miryo’s universe and we’re just occupying it.


Miryo is so amazing that Spider-Man just gave up the title.

All day, every day.

All day, every day.

Miryo is so stunning she’s classified as a lethal weapon.

Aaand, there's the paralysis.

Aaand, there’s the paralysis.

Miryo’s talents are so numerous that mathematicians are creating new theorems around them.



The heat emanating from the sun actually just channels Miryo’s essence.

It's pretty much an endless supply.

It’s pretty much an endless supply.

Miryo is so beautiful that she’s listed as a world wonder’s wonder.

Bow down before your K-Pop God.

Bow down before your K-Pop God.

Miryo’s greatness is so obvious, it can be seen from space.

Dear lawd.

Dear lawd.


scrubs spazzing



  1. Her plastic surgeon needs to be canonized. Man/Woman is a saint, and all other kpop people need only go to whoever did Miryo’s work.

  2. I’m generally OK with a little nip and tuck but Miryo looks nothing like when she first debuted. It’s sad but on the flip side, she’s easily the prettiest member of B.E.G. now.

  3. Hot.

  4. I wish the bra as top style would become the next big thing in Kpop.

    1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply


      Maybe my wish is coming true!

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