SM Entertainment And Amoeba Culture Belatedly Confirm The Choiza-Sulli Relationship That Everyone Already Knew About


In news which is only slightly less surprising than the sun rising, both SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture have confirmed that Choiza and Sulli are indeed in a relationship. Turns out, wallets don’t lie.

SM Entertainment’s statement was short and vague, as if the label would literally rather talk about anything else at the moment (which is probably true):

“Sulli and Choiza are of the relationship in which the two depend on each other.”

Jeez, why not take it a step further and say “Sulli and Choiza exist and are sometimes in the same hemisphere.”

Amoeba Culture was a bit more forthcoming but “forthcoming” basically amounts to the boilerplate celebrity relationship statement:

“The two were of good sunbae-hoobae at first but started to develop interest in each other, and are now seeing each other with good feelings. We thank everyone who loves Choiza, and please give the two your love and support.”

Sulli was not on hand to perform with the rest of f(x) at SMTOWN Live World Tour this past week as she’s still on a temporary hiatus (and hopefully enjoying the full benefits of a Choiza relationship). The hiatus inevitably produced a Dispatch report which suggested that Sulli was leaving f(x). SM Entertainment was equally short in dismissing that rumor:

In addition, in response to Dispatch suggesting that Sulli has left f(x) as a member, SM Entertainment added, “The content reported about f(x) is completely untrue.”


No word on if Sulli will be a part of upcoming f(x) events so expect these merry reports and rumors of f(x)’s imminent demise being caused by Choiza’s penis to continue until the very moment that Sulli is seen on stage again.


One comment

  1. I wonder how much of this was Sulli needing a break and how much was SM telling her to take a break. Something funny was going on as you just don’t pull the plug on a promotion like that. If you ordered her to take a break, I can see shutting down promotions for fear that in her current state of mind she might say something publicly that would hurt the group or the company. It might have been a bit of a compromise (We won’t promote without you, but you need to be quiet).

    I won’t be surprised if Sulli is done with f(x). Honestly, she’s not that key to the group in my opinion. The group could easily downsize to four and might actually be stronger if she was being a pain in the ass. I can see SM announcing a few months from now that Sulli has decided to focus on acting full time with SM, or that she has decided to part ways with SM.

    I bet SM is really pissed about this whole Choiza thing. I’d bet that after the prior controversy a few years ago when it was rumored they were dating and she was underage still that SM likely told her to stop seeing him or to make sure that it did not become public again. Then you have Choiza lose his wallet and it reopened the old wound right as promotions started. SM likely was fuming that either Sulli didn’t stay away from him or that they were careless and let this spill into public again at the worst possible time bringing all the haters back out for Sulli forcing SM to maybe keep her off the stage so it would not detract from the group’s performances having folks chanting something nasty about Sulli.

    One thing for sure is that the group looked like they were not enjoying their wins. Even Amber looked subdued and Victoria was the only one who ever spoke for them. it looked a bit like they were going through the motions or something behind the scenes was troubling them or sucking the life out of them. If Sulli was being a drama queen with SM’s management and playing games about whether she would perform or not or would stand on the award stage or not, I could see that sucking the enjoyment out of winning or performing.

    We’ll likely never have all the details unless Amber writes an English book one day about her experiences in K-pop. Which might actually be an interesting read even if it isn’t a tell-all.

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