SECRET’s “I’m In Love” Dance Practice Video Somehow Outshines The Official Music Video


As good as the music video for SECRET’s “I’m In Love” is, it (very fortunately) pales in comparison to the humanity-validating masterpiece that is the dance practice video.

One almost has to feel bad for music video directors. They try so many different camera angles, so many different cuts and so many different outfits and yet none of that compares to one or two camera shots of a dance routine featuring SECRET in casual clothes that was probably filmed by some intern. If these dance practice videos have taught us anything, it’s that less visual trickery usually equals better results. Hell, one can actually see what the dance is supposed to look like! What a revelation!

Of course, having Hyosung front and center doesn’t hurt.

10/10. Would watch for eternity.

10/10. Would watch for eternity.

Not at all.



  1. Man does Hyosung have some incredible curves.

  2. One thing that frustrates me at times with the videos in K-pop is how sometimes you see flashes of epic story driven videos, like T-ara’s “Day by Day,” B.A.P.’s “One Shot,” etc, but most of the time we just get disappointing dance in a box or dance on a set videos with rapid cut shots with costume changes when we could get a video like above that just features the dancing, which is in many ways superior if you are just going to do a video based on the dance.

    Of course, I realize that with groups set up as they are in K-pop story driven videos can be a problem when you have four or more people to incorporate in some way somewhat equally. I also realize that videos that tell a really great story are much more expensive to shoot if they are an extended video. Still I would love to see more epic videos like we used to see in the mid to late 80’s on MTV.

    1. Sigh, if only. But yeah, it’s hard to do so for all the logistical and creative reasons you lay out here.

  3. That was great. You can add this to the long list of dance practice videos I enjoyed more than the official MV.
    IMHO, dance practice videos allow the groups to show off the incredible amount of work and precision in their routines without the distractions of quick cuts, lens flares, props and a ‘story line’.
    It also gives the girls a chance to flaunt how ridiculously hot they can look in plain t-shirts and shorts, especially when compared to their backup dancers.
    Also, holy smokes, Hyosung!

    1. I liked the dance practice of SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.” more than the music video for the same reason. The video had too many cut scenes and the ladies were all flashing by too fast. It’s funny how often for such videos they dress the ladies to the nines, but you never see what they are wearing well and how great they may look in it because they are cutting between members so much. At least this is a four member group so cut scenes aren’t as fast a furious as they would be for those 6+ member mega groups. Thank goodness Sistar only has four members. If they had more pretty members you would never be able to enjoy watching one of their videos as they would disappear as soon as you realize who you might be looking at.

    2. It’s kind of funny/sad how these are also better than how most live performances are filmed as well.

      1. Yep, don’t even get me started on some of the crap camera and director work on the weekly music shows, where often the best part of a dance isn’t shown because they have the camera zoomed in on someone’s face or above the waist. I realize there is a great fear that young males and females in Korea might realize that the opposite or same gender have “hips {that} don’t lie.” Thankfully Music Core and Inkigayo tend to be a bit better with their camera work due to their bigger budgets.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    Dance practice video for Red is great too.

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