KARA Releases A Nothing MV Teaser For “Mamma Mia”

kara mamma mia

KARA has a pretty critical music video coming out soon for “Mamma Mia” but it doesn’t appear that the group doesn’t want to tease much with its new teaser.

I mean, I think this entire thing was culled together from filler shots (or at least, I hope it was).

Things I’ve gleaned from KARA’s “Mamma Mia” teaser:

It features a lot of lying down.

It is the first official music video for something called a “Youngji.”

Someone left a window open in Gyuri’s bedroom.

That set interior is so white it probably wears Ralph Lauren polos.

Nothing is happening so… SPARKLERS, ALL THE SPARKLERS.

It doesn’t help that the teased beat sounds less like a catchy tune and more like the backing track to a Japanese RPG half hour cut scene.

Still looking forward to this though. Gyuri will almost assuredly make this thing work through sheer force of will if nothing else.




  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    “something called a ““Youngji.” Home run!

    Well, hey, it kind of looked like a Kara MV. There’s just something missing…

    1. A catchy beat and Nicole? Or Jiyoung? Or Nicole? Nicole.

  2. I Liked the original kara -.- i soo dont like the new member , i just dont think she’s qualified ( no hate ) , and i watched Kara project and i totally root for Ahn Sojin & jeon So min !

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