Brown Eyed Girls’ Latest Track “Hush” Is Pretty Great

The Brown Eyed Girls recently released their first cash grab “Best of” album “Special Moments” (which honestly could have been pretty much any number of tracks from their discography) but the group was generous enough to include a new track, “Hush” to give people an extra incentive to re-buy all the music that they had previously listened to.

The new song, “Hush” is unsurprisingly addictive and funky. I’m always a bit of a sucker for a good disco-like guitar lick and “Hush” sounds like a disco dance floor that was transported to the present and then reworked through Brown Eyed Girls’ penchant for mixing electronic beats with R&B sensibilities. Not much else to say than that. It’s a new Brown Eyed Girls’ dance track. It’s gonna be gewd.



  1. The one thing that greatest hits albums do seem like something that’s time has come and gone in the age of digital downloads. It used to be that they were a convenient way to gather up most of the best songs of a group that have been recording for many years without having to buy every one of their albums, but now you don’t need to do that as you can download the songs from any album you want individually with only a few exceptions. The one thing that is nice about the physical greatest hits albums though is that sometimes they include some really interesting material about the group’s history and their songs in a book that accompanies the album or a DVD that includes some interesting interviews with the group, producers, engineers, and managers.

    I enjoyed the new track.

  2. I loved it too!

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