What The Hell Is With Orange Caramel’s “Do As I Do” Teasers?


I think we get it. Orange Caramel loves doing weird shit. But I think they’ve topped themselves with the couple of teasers that the group has released for their upcoming single “Do As I Do.”

First there’s the above image which is TOO NORMAL. It’s like a norm-core movie director found his way onto a K-Pop set by accident. The only thing that even gives a hint of Orange Caramel’s usual flair is that the girls’ cleaning supplies are a bit too bright and colorful. For real, that green broom is way too green. Other than that, it’s suspicious how utterly banal this teaser for an Orange Caramel release looks.

It’s almost like… IT’S A TRAP.



Welp, there’s my nightmare for the next couple of years. I’m not sure there’s anything more terrifying than soulless cartoon eyes super-imposed on real bodies. These teasers are what a serial killer stalker of Orange Caramel would have had hanging in their bedroom.

There is a happy medium between utterly normal and batshit horrifying but Orange Caramel appears to be ignoring that for now.



  1. I don’t know about the eyes, but the cleaning ladies is straight up Crayon Pop.

    1. Are you referring to the Uh-ee outfits? The only similarity is they are both white.

  2. Funny how Raina’s teaser is paired with suicidemouse.avi on her dress (look it up on youtube, in case you still don’t have good nightmare yet)

  3. You have to give credit to their label to make even Nana look creepy…lol. I’m not really an Orange Caramel fan. Their music and videos tend to just be too cute for my taste. I like a number of songs by Afterschool though. I guess the problem for the label is that Orange Caramel charts much better than Afterschool seemingly has, so there is the temptation to push extra Orange Caramel releases out there rather than bring out the full group.

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