Waifu Wednesday: Sunny

sunny snsd cover

Lee Soon-kyu (better known by her stage name Sunny) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, radio MC, television presenter, model and actress. She is best known for being a member in K-Pop girl super-group Girls’ Generation (SNSD).

I suppose the Sunny Waifu Wednesday was a long time coming. After all, seven other SNSD members have been featured here and Sunny is awesome so perhaps this should have been done sooner.

Look at my oversight and drool.

Look at my oversight and drool.

Ok, it should have. Forgive me.

Truth be told, the most appealing thing about Sunny is her personality and while that may sound like a backhanded compliment, that is no small feat considering that one could easily be distracted by the eight other waves of pretty that is in the SNSD stable. Yet, while most of SNSD gets by on “demurely pretty and impeccably pleasant” Sunny is a rock star. She pretty much automatically becomes the best thing of whatever variety show she’s a part of, her persona is wickedly playful and she has one of the best bodies in K-Pop when she’s actually given clothes which highlight her features. Now, if only SM Entertainment didn’t mess with her hair so much…


Sunny is so cute that her aegyo is entirely redundant.

Taking the dorky crown.

Taking the dorky crown.

Sunny is so bright the Sun is being sued for infringement.

sunny snsd

Giving Ga-In a run for her money.

Sunny is so fantastic that Reed Richards gets green with envy at the sight of her.

The amount of impossible here is hard to overstate.

The amount of impossible here is hard to overstate.

The majesty of Sunny laps human achievement.

Welp, there goes my brain.

Welp, there goes my brain.

Sunny is so cute that puppies want her for a play date.

Perfecting the art of the wink.

Perfecting the art of the wink.

Sunny’s moves are so smooth they travel through dimensional rifts.




feels dolphin



  1. I like Sunny’s personality as well. Not so much aegyo Sunny but watch-me-catch-a-live-chicken Sunny. She manages to stand out from the rest of the group on stage too (the curves help).
    Lemma see… oh, only Sooyoung’s left. While you’re going through Waifus you’ve missed, there’s another group that requires your attention. https://yellowslugreviews.wordpress.com/tag/t-ara+waifu/ *ahem* Boram *ahem* 🙂

    1. I prefer her sister in D-unit that named after computer components or something. Her sister is way more beautiful than Boram. For me, though.

      make it happen, slug.

    2. Sunny is a real fun personality mix. As you mentioned she’s kind of fearless when it comes to thing like farm chores that freak out a lot of idols both male and female (She reminded me of Park Ye Jin in Family Outing who caught the chicken and handled and cleaned the fish making the guys looks like such a bunch of pansies…lol). Despite Sunny’s no nonsense side she also has a real gift for making people laugh and and while her aegyo can be a bit unbearable to watch, I think if you were her boyfriend that aegyo being directed at you at times would make you feel really good or at least make you smile. Ironically it will probably be the first guy that is immune to her aegyo that she’ll really be interested in as that’s likely a sign that he takes her seriously and is a strong enough personality that she can’t manipulate him with her aegyo.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    I’m on the verge of tears. And then that gif…so dead. It was a long time coming, but soooo worth it! May you be canonized upon completion of the OT9. Without the death of course.

  3. First of all, i love every picture that you post on this blog. But the second picture with Gain’s costumes she really have a weird face. That performance rocks, though.

    And i don’t know the existence of Sunny’s great curves until now because i’m way too distracted by her hair in IGAB and.. any of her short bob hair.

  4. She’s had too much work done. Old Sunny was cuter.

  5. Despite being short, Sunny has really nice long legs for her height. She may not have the classic lines of some of the glamazons in her group, but she certainly has one of the sexiest bodies this side of Hyosung, Hyorin, and Bora. She’s really got a nice figure. She’s a great choice for waifu Wednesday. One of the things I really like about Sunny is how she is always looking out for and worrying about Taeyeon. I loved the duet she sang with Luna a few years ago for the “To the Beautiful You” soundtrack. She has a nice voice and I can see her doing a lot of work in musical comedies. One of the things that is really frustrating with SNSD is that the whole group really is charming and pretty and while you might have a bias it’s often only just a slight edge and you would be just as happy with any of them.

  6. Without Sunny I probably would not have ever been sucked into the Kpop vortex. She was the thing that caught my eye the first time I watched The Boys MV, and the main reason I then watched it over and over and over. I had never even heard the term Kpop before that day almost three years ago, and I’ve listened to little else other than Kpop since. And I owe it all to her. I guess you could say she was my “first love” so she will always have a special place in my heart. Shame on you for taking so long to get to her. Shame!!!

    1. I’m guessing here, but are you American by any chance? When SNSD made their US debut with ‘The Boys’, I noticed American viewers seem to take to Sunny more than another else. I think Asians are more partial to skinny girls with deer like features.

      1. Indeed I am. I remember the first thing I did after I saw the vid (well, after I made sure they were all over 18 anyway) was google Sunny’s height. Short women have always been my thing. So she was right in my wheelhouse from the start.

  7. ncola98 · · Reply

    YOU DID THE THING. It took you long enough, but YOU DID IT.

    (btw, audio for I Did It is available just in case you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=levTpJEDuZU&channel=illbethere7)

    1. lol i see what you did there.

      anyway, SPICA’s new song is really great, but it didn’t showcase their vocals freely .

      but, f*ck it, ASFHBSWEF THEY DID IT

      1. Yeah, I didn’t even notice that until I posted the comment, haha. I love the song, but it doesn’t really have that ‘SPICA’ flair for me. Also, best English pronunciation in a song by a Kpop group, ever. I was ready to not understand a word of it but it was really good.

      2. If you look up their performance on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook they actually sing quite well in English on there. Also, check out Kim Bo Hyung’s cover of “Let It Go” in English. She did a very nice job of it. There are a few words she struggles with a bit, but she sings so well you don’t notice it too much. Even if singers don’t speak a language, the way they train their voices and their ability to interpret music or sounds, seems to allow many to learn a song by simply hearing it and mimicking the sounds they hear. You see a lot of singers that manage to sing songs in languages they don’t even know with relatively little rehearsal time.

      3. agree with ncloa98. (wow we have similiar names haha) , yeah agree with u, i am surprised that they pronounced the words great. Best pronounciation since Rania’s ‘Doughnut man’ from Just Go.

  8. and in case you didn’t drooling enough, here’s SPICA’s MV

  9. I adore Sunny–she’s proof, as you say, that personality itself can be sexy, and she’s always been a favorite of mine for this very reason.

    I must ask, though, if that pic of Sunny performing “Bloom” implies that you’re going to finally get around to my other bias, Ga-in, for your next Waifu Wednesday?

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