SECRET Reveals Hyosung and Jieun’s Teaser Photos For “I’m In Love”


It seems that concepts around the theme of “Day” and “Night” are going to be popular in the coming weeks.

SECRET will be making a comeback on August 11th with “I’m In Love.”

If you like a concept centered around the time of day, you’ll probably also love SECRET’s concept teasers for “I’m In Love” which show Hyosung in an all-white set and Jieun in an all-black get up.

Can't lie, these look fantastic.

Can’t lie, these look fantastic.

Coincidentally, KARA’s upcoming mini-album, releasing the week after SECRET’s comeback, is literally called “Day and Night” and the group has some teasers where the photos alternatively show KARA in “evening wear” and “morning wear”.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if K-Pop labels accidentally all share the same brain, like some Jung-ian collective unconscious.

Maybe Hana’s and Sunhwa’s teasers will stretch the “day” and “night” themes to their obvious conclusions by being teasers centered around brunch mimosas and happy hour beers.



One comment

  1. Alright, Hyosung’s got a wicked figure but she pulls off cute much better than sexy. Her repertoire of sultry poses seems centered around finger or lip biting.

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