Internet Puppet Master Clara Lee Wants To Do A Nude Photo Shoot In Order To Presumably Monopolize All Search Engines


Clara Lee, also known as the queen of the internet, doesn’t just manipulate media plays, she’s pretty much to the point of making them into an art form.

The model/actress/soon-to-be-hip-hop-phenom is slowly but surely taking over the world through sheer determination and an unmatched intuitive sense of what drives clicks and page views.

Hence, her newly announced desire to film a nude photo shoot. Because, why not:

I exercise this diligently to treasure my prettiest image and because my goal is to take part in a nude photo shoot for my private collection.”

MC Lee Hwi Jae said, “I will introduce you to a good photographer.”  Clara replied, “Once I find somebody trustworthy, I intend on doing the shoot whenever.”

Look at how perfect that is. Clara is essentially saying that she wants some nude photos of herself which no one will ever see but she’s now seamlessly made it so that the terms “Clara Lee” and “nude” will generate results in Naver, Google and presumably every search engine on Earth. And that’s with no risk to herself at all. One just has to admire the naked (pun intended) yet brilliant public relations jujitsu here.

Hell, the girl is so good at this whole media play thing that when she’s bored, she probably just types her name up in a random search engine to look at the auto-fill content and then works on ways to integrate those phrases into whatever show she’s scheduled to be on next.

Bow down before Clara Lee, SEO God. She is playing in an entirely different league from the rest of humanity.




  1. Good analysis. I had her down as just low-rent eye candy but you sir have put me back on the straight and narrow. Long live Queen Clara.

      1. You might like to check out a really beautiful Korean woman who grew up in the Philippines and did a lot of gravure modeling while living there before she moved to Korea to study acting. Her name is Jinri Park.

  2. […] attention in CEC’s fantastic post. Even better still, she has expressed a desire to take some nude snaps, just for personal keepsakes. I look forward to those ‘accidentally’ hitting the web. […]

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