Here Are A Couple Shots Of Yuji From A ‘@star1’ Photo Shoot That Were Considered ‘B’ Cuts For Some Reason

yuji bestie star1 b 1

Apparently, these are considered ‘B’ cuts for @star1’s recent photo shoot with BESTie’s Yuji.

I don’t know what makes these ‘B’ cuts except for the fact that @star1 couldn’t simply fill the rest of their magazine/server space with pictures of Yuji (I mean, they probably could and no one would complain).

As for the obvious flawlessness of the shoot that led to these two photos not making the first cut, a representative described the shoot in a perfectly understated manner:

 A rep from the photo shoot said, “Despite the very hot weather, U.JI kept upping the atmosphere with her continuously bright energy.  The results also came out very satisfactorily.”

Very satisfactorily indeed.

yuji bestie star1 b 2

Leaves me wanting nothing.

I suppose it’s difficult to give @star1 too much shit considering that they had to choose one photo and the one they went with ain’t bad either.

Everything is wonderful.

Everything is awesome.



  1. moyaaa · · Reply

    Thanks for the link. I agree that @star1 chose the best one. The photos of the other idols are awesome too. I’ve never seen Woori look so good. Wow.

  2. Oh my, I am surprised the group morals group Man in Korea (Yes that is their real name) hasn’t had a fit about how women are sluttifying themselves by showing bare midriffs, their bikini bottoms, and generally not wearing a head to toe swimsuit like something from the Victorian era. If I was a female idol and I spent an hour or more a day in the gym and had to watch everything I eat carefully to look good in a dance costume, I would be so pissed that I couldn’t show off all that hardwork when I am on TV at the beach or the pool and have to wear a t-shirt and shorts. Why even bother buying a swimsuit. No one would see it based on broadcast standards.

  3. Her shoulder looks like it could slice bread… which I would then use to make a sandwich for her.

    1. Make it a nice sandwich.

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