SPICA Releases The First Teaser Of What Will Obviously Be The Best Comeback Of The Summer


Not biased at all. No sirree.

The above teaser photo has been making the rounds but it wasn’t confirmed to be official until fashion stylist Misha Janet confirmed that it was legit:

The teaser is OUT! I directed the fashion for Kpop super group SPICA ‘a new single ‘I Did It’ They will be appearing along with G-dragon and Girls Generation at Kcon in LA nxt month! These girls are SO talented and listening to them jam in the dressing room was like WHOAH. You’ll be seeing more of them soon, I promise!! Aren’t they GORGE [sp].”

No word yet on an official release date but this is already the best thing in K-Pop since SPICA’s last comeback. I’m assuming “I Did It” is in reference to SPICA totally conquering the world and achieving immortality so that they can release music until the ends of time.

Yup, not biased at all.

Sigh, Boa.




  1. I’ll be sure to send you any pics I get of them at KCON if I’m lucky!

    1. Ooo please do! DM me ob Twitter or let me know here if you get some good pics so I know to check my e-mail

  2. Same here, anything Spica from KCON will head to you as well. (The Juhyun pictures might have some drool on them though)

    1. Woohoo, the more the merrier

  3. I would just love for them to finally have a #1 and some show wins. It’s a shame that such good singers haven’t yet broken through completely and established themselves as a top act. They have had a number of very good singles that highlight their vocal abilities, but they just haven’t yet had that song that really catches fire with the general public. Unfortunately not all music fans can recognize talent or care that much about it. So many singers out there can’t actually sing without the studio engineer. It would be nice to see some people who actually can sing succeed.

  4. ncola98 · · Reply

    I was so happy when I found out this was real. Since SNSD’s comeback was badly promoted this year and I don’t even want to talk about f(x), I need this comeback to be FLAWLESS. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed though, this is SPICA we’re talking about.

  5. ncola98 · · Reply

    Forgot to mention, I heard somewhere that it will be released in early August, and the unconfirmed date is August 4th. The hype is real. (Source: http://www.instiz.net/bbs/list.php?id=r&no=4448)

  6. NishiMiya Hiruka · · Reply

    Just a little something you should really REALLY see because ohmygod this made me fall for SPICA all over again–

  7. NishiMiya Hiruka · · Reply

    And if that isn’t enough, their other performances on Yesterday are like… WOW.

    Plus this Immortal Song 2 performance–

    Enjoy. ❤

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