FIESTAR’s Yezi, Jei and Linzy Do MAXIM Right


Sadly, there was no Hyemi or Cao Lu but Yezi, Jei and Linzy were absolutely flawless for FIESTAR’s MAXIM photo shoot.

And while there’s probably a boring, logistical explanation as for why Cao Lu and Hyemi weren’t available for the shoot, it would be absolutely fantastic if limiting the shoot to three members was done on purpose:

As their song “One More” seems to reference a threesome, the three members Yezi, Jei,and Linzy appeared sans their two other members Hyemi and Cao Lu in the fashion spread entitled, “Fiestar in the Morning.” 

For posterity, these were the offending lyrics that alluded to a threesome in “One More”:

“For you and me / let’s invite one more person / into our room / someone who’s done it more than us / now’s the time / one two three.”

Admittedly, that’s a stretch but a man can dream.

Can we just retroactively make this into the artistic intent of the shoot? A Linzy, Yezi and Jei threesome would be an infinitely more entertaining concept than “Hot K-Pop group rolls around in white sheets for a hot photo shoot in a magazine which commonly features hot girls.”

Yezi, more like Yesssssssssssi amirite?

Yezi, more like Yesssssssssssi amirite?

This reminds me of the Jei Waifu Wednesday post that I haven't done.

This reminds me of the Jei Waifu Wednesday post that I haven’t done.

Ah yes, the mythical double Linzy.

Ah yes, the mythical double Linzy.

Yup, totally a threesome.

Yup, totally a threesome.



  1. moyaaa · · Reply

    Jei looks amazing. Linzy just killed me with her dimples and that belly button piercing.

  2. now, you mentioned it… where’s the WW Jei?

  3. Victor Delacroix · · Reply

    Wow, gosh. A K-pop blog that celebrates how attractive Korean girl idols are without being creepy and coming off as a drooling, bestial pervert. Thank you for writing this! I haven’t looked through every post, of course, but what I’ve read indicates that you’re a much-needed voice for male K-pop fans who aren’t unsettling, unpleasant people..

    1. moyaaa · · Reply

      You’ve struck gold, Victor. Besides the obvious visual treats, I think that you’d find that the slug has an excellent ear for music too.

  4. Oops stupid phone. I was going to say that I was aware of this group mainly from the Aha! vids they did. But I had no idea that they were this “talented”. And the thing is, One More is a really good song, one of the best this year even. I just wish Cheska hadn’t left. I really have to wonder if the image change had something to do with her sudden departure. The timing just seems a bit suspect.

    Speaking of suspect departures, what is your take in Sulli? I hate to say it, but I’m thinking she must have had a complete mental breakdown. With all of the pressure and stress these performers are under at such a young age I’m surprised more of them don’t suffer from some sort of psychological problem.

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