Waifu Wednesday: Soyu

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Kang Ji Hyun (better known as Soyu or Soyou) is a South Korean idol and singer. She is best known for being the overly qualified second best singer in K-Pop girl group SISTAR.

Truth be told, I am shocked beyond reason that this particular post hadn’t been done already. Like the sun rising, I had assumed that Soyu’s many talents and strengths had been covered strenuously. But then again, taking Soyu’s greatness for granted is pretty much par for the course for SISTAR’s most underrated weapon. Hell, the girl was originally supposed to be a member of 4Minute but she didn’t make it and was eventually replaced by Sohyun.

How Soyu escaped any label is beyond me but 4Minute’s loss became SISTAR’s gain. Soyu has one of the best bodies in K-Pop (hell, maybe the whole planet) and her voice would be the main attraction in any other group that didn’t have freaking Hyorin in it already. Soyu is so underrated that she begins to loop back around to being properly rated. After all, greatness can only be taken for granted for so long.


Soyu is so awesome that the heavens are envious of her charisma.

The entire post could just be this picture.

The entire post could just be this picture.

Soyu’s beauty is so mythic that it rivals the kingdom of Atlantis.



Soyu’s body is so perfect that it wrecks grading curves for math.

I can now die happy.

I can now die happy.

Soyu’s voice is so angelic that God’s angels lipsync to it.



It is impossible to overstate how glorious Soyu is with words that are available to human beings.

Just... damn.

Just… damn.

Soyu exists in a realm somewhere between reality and fantasy.

Soyu blesses SISTAR.

Soyu blesses SISTAR.


fan spazz




    anyway, can you make a review of Block B – Her? i know you are not really into boy groups, but they are hilarious.

    1. The rest of the week I’m gonna be on a vacation so I’m not going to have many effort posts but I’ll definitely take a look and see if there’s anything I can say about it.

  2. […] Waifu Wednesday: Soyu. […]

  3. I love this post! Soyu has been a bias of mine for a long time now. The way she moves when she dances is so sensual and posied–she truly has her own style of dance that not many other kpop idols can even come close to matching.

  4. ncola98 · · Reply

    Completely unrelated (although I love Soyu), but have you seen SPICA’s (apparently) new teaser picture? Because it’s flawless. http://i.imgur.com/0EWazOt.png https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BqpA1QRCcAAmIZT.jpg:large
    If this is real, I can die happy.

    1. I really, really hope that this is real. Like, desperately.


      my inner heart is literally crying right now.

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