BESTie Will Look to also Make a Fun Summer Track With “Hot Baby” Music Video Teaser


Since it wouldn’t be K-Pop unless everyone rushed to do the same thing at once, BESTie will make a comeback on July 24th with its own summer anthem, “Hot Baby.” The concept will focus on BESTie enjoying each other’s company and doing activities that are often associated with the summer months.

If this sounds awfully familiar, that’s understandable. Here’s a quick guide to hopefully clear everything up:

No, it’s not the K-Pop girl quartet that released a music video a week ago which centered around the group having some relaxing summer fun.

No, it’s also not the other K-Pop girl quartet that released a music video this week which centered around the group having some relaxing summer fun.

No, this is the other, other K-Pop girl quartet that will  release a music video in the month of July which is centered around the group having some relaxing summer fun.  “Hot Baby” will be different because of its generous use of Lifetime Movies white lighting filters or something.

To be fair to BESTie,  this release coincides with their one year anniversary, so the timing of this makes sense from their perspective, even if it’s going to saturate the market with girl groups doing remarkably similar concepts:

“Hot Baby” is composed by Duble Sidekick. The mini album of the same name will be released on July 28 in celebration of BESTie’s one-year anniversary. The group’s first comeback stage will be through MBC Music’s “Show Champion” on July 24.

In all honesty, the song sounds like a nice and sweet cheery little pop ditty. It will probably be fairly enjoyable. At the very least, more Dahye is always welcomed.



  1. moyaaa · · Reply

    I would like to hear them ‘out-sistar’ Sistar, if you know what I mean. Their last ‘Thank U Very Much’ track sounds like something Sistar would have done, and was thoroughly enjoyable.

  2. The SISTAR Revival Act is back again! I still feel like throwing sandwiches at all of them. Too skinny…

    1. While I usually think of SNSD when it comes to this, yeah I’m kinda surprised how thin they all are.

  3. Actually, i kinda like Bestie’s comeback song better than the other two ( yes, they already performed the song on Show Champion) . ‘Darling’ and ‘Touch My Body’ sure has the catchiness that stick really hard on your brain, but something that too sticky, can also pop out easily. And ‘Hot Baby’ is not.

    ‘Hot Baby’ is not really that catchy but it still sticks and probably gonna be my theme song for the whole summer.


    ehm, sorry.

    1. moyaaa · · Reply

      Thanks for the lead. Hmm, not sure I think this is necessary better than the other 2. They all sound about the same to me, which is not saying very much.

      Also, what’s up with all the summer song titles. They sound like lines taken from some bad romance novel “Hot baby darling, touch my body!” ?#@!

      1. ‘Darling’ is really catchy but the concept is really childish with the pop pop thing, which is i’m not really fond of. ‘Hot Baby’ and ‘Touch my body’ are good, but because Dahye is freaking bomb in this comeback and Hyorin nip slip, so i prefer Bestie.

        i will read that novel if it’s exist, though.

      2. Subtlety is a lost art when it comes to K-Pop.

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