Orange Caramel Will Return From The Eternal Cosmos In August Bearing A Comeback

orange caramel

Pledis Entertainment must know that the combination of Lizzy, Nana and Raina is about as good as gets as they’ve announced that Orange Caramel will be making its second comeback of the year this August.

The Cult of Caramel is pleased with this development.

Their agency Pledis Entertainment rep confirmed to OSEN on the 19th, “Orange Caramel have finished recording their new song and are preparing for their comeback. It is set to be released in August… Although we can’t reveal Orange Caramel’s new concept yet, they are preparing hard. Please look forward to it.”

Whatever the concept may be, there is little doubt that it will be unbearably cute and delightfully weird.

So delightfully weird.

So delightfully weird.

The timing of this comeback is only a tad surprising because it seems that Pledis has opted for a second Orange Caramel comeback in 2014 before they’ve even announced a single proper After School comeback for this year. However, considering that “Catallena” and “Lipstickenjoyed greater chart success than “Flashback” and “First Love“, Pledis may be going for the more sure thing at this point.

Sigh, going to have to wait a bit longer for a Jooyeon sighting. Nana and Lizzy more than make up for it, I suppose.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    I believe that should read “Nana, Lizzy, AND RAINA more than make up for it, I supppose”. Maybe its just me, but even when I watched “Flashback” the first 20 times I was captivated by that little thing. Horses for courses.

    1. I meant what I said *folds arms

  2. I think Pledis finally realizes that Orange Caramel, despite technically being a sub-unit, is really their flagship group.

    1. Yup OC supremacy.

  3. Yesss!! NaLiz!!!

  4. #JusticeForBekah… I know she is no longer a part of After School and hasn’t been for a while, but Pledis… can we go back to that magic that was?

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