Hyosung Wrecks Minds, Bodies and Souls for Geek Magazine

hyosung geek b

I don’t know how Geek Magazine got their name and I don’t particularly care. All that I do know is that they have been doing the Lord’s work. The magazine got the opportunity to work with All-Around Goddess and Eternal Love of All Things Good on This Planet Hyosung and the two brought out the absolute best of each other.

Hyosung straddling a motorcycle is the reason that humanity has sight. This is the peak of human culture. The engineering of humanity’s greatness that was expressed through the Great Wall of China, Greek philosophy, the Pyramids,  and the invention of the wheel have all culminated in this moment. There is nowhere to go but down from here but the peak was worth the trip.

SECRET may make their comeback in August but Hyosung has already won the summer.

I guess Geek shall inherit the earth.

I guess Geek shall inherit the earth.

Minds could not fathom such perfection.

Minds could not fathom such perfection.

Soooo, we're all dead right? This has to be paradise.

Soooo, we’re all dead right? This is heaven?




  1. I’m not a fan of motorcycles. Too many relatives have died in motorcycle accidents, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire someone like Hyosung on a bike. She, Sunny, G. Na, and Clara should form a group called Dangerous Curves…lol.

  2. That wig is awful. Hyosung’s body however, is one the best in Kpop…perhaps in the world.
    Those first two pictures are just lovely.

    1. What’s that, she’s wearing a wi—- oooooohhh so she is. Was, eh, distracted.

  3. moyaaa · · Reply

    Oh look, she has put on weight again… IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES, BITCHES!! 🙂

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