SISTAR Aces “Touch My Body” Teaser Video (and Hyorin’s and Bora’s Teasers as Well)


I mean, it’s hard to say anything about this yet. The pseudo-western beat that dominates most of the “Touch My Body” teaser sounds nothing like the final two seconds of footage – the only bit that I assume is actually from SISTAR’s next comeback.

What I can say is that this looks like it’s going to be very, very good. Seriously, “Touch My Body”? It’s as if the marketing department at Starship Entertainment said, “You know what? I think “Give it to Me” was too subtle of a title.”

Sure, Hyorin’s hair is a bit of an unfortunate dye job (blonde doesn’t suit her) and comedian Kim Bo Sung confuses more than he hypes but then Bora shows up and all is forgiven.

Racking up the body count, giving no fuqs.

Racking up the body count, giving no fuqs.

It’s hard to think in complete sentences so I’m just going to reduce this one to hashtags for now.









Oh and there were some individual teasers released for Bora and Hyorin. Those were nice as well.


Yeah, Freud would have died from all this shit already.

The winks are real and oh so deadly.

The winks are real and oh so deadly.

SISTAR is coming back on July 21st y’all. Get hyped.



  1. Hyorin’s hair at 0:10 kinda channels Billy Ray Cyrus. She also got the worst styling too imo

    1. Business up front and party in the back…lol. Oh, my achy breaky heart.

  2. moyaaa · · Reply

    Ha ha. Yup, hard to pay attention to anything else. They all look incredible. Here’s to hoping the song is worthy of the hype and the group.

  3. Is it me or does it look like someone got a little carried away slimming Hyorin’s and Bora’s legs in Photoshop? I wish they wouldn’t do that. Part of what makes those two so attractive is their toned muscular legs. None of the members of this group need help from Photoshop. They’re all in incredible shape.

  4. Those hashtags. I’m dying from laughter.

    looks like KBS can’t wait to ban this video.

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