f(x)’s Amber Literally Jacks Krystal’s Wig, Continues to be the Best

This was from two days ago, which is admittedly pretty ancient by social media standards, but this was too good to pass up or simply put into a Selca Sunday post.

Amber cosplaying as Krystal is pretty much the best thing to come out of the “Red Light” promotions.

This is either evidence of Amber’s stealth campaign to get more lines in f(x) singles or it’s simply Amber being way cooler than K-Pop has any right to be.

Gonna go with Option B.



  1. Amber has put a number of very funny videos and photos out there over the years.

  2. ncola98 · · Reply

    Amber is literally the coolest idol ever.

  3. she is hilarious… and snatching all the oppars on the low

    1. True, Amber seems to hang out with a lot of the guys in K-pop yet she doesn’t draw all the daggers out of their fans the way that someone like Krystal would. I think a lot of girls may not view her as a threat since she is so tomboyish and seemingly laid-back, where if someone more traditionally feminine was hanging out with their oppas they would freak out.

      Example: Amber returns to f(x) dorm
      Victoria: What were you up to today Amber
      Amber: Well after I got done with my morning schedule, I went to lunch with X and Y from boy group Z that I know from when I was the MC of music show J, then my homie A called and said to come hang out with boy group B at their studio while they are working on a new track for C’s solo album, and I ran into girl group member L at dinner and convinced her to join us at our table and introduced her to C. So what did you do with your day.
      Victoria: I sat around the dorm watching TV and doing laundry wondering why I’m single.

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