So Yeah, I’m Keeping My Eyes and Ears on Rookie Group LODIA

LODIA elena effy i got a feeling cover

It’s still really early and they haven’t even released a music video yet, but rookie duo LODIA may be one to watch.

Truthfully, I generally stay away from rookie groups if for no other reason than most fail to stick around for long and most new groups blend together into one giant blur of mediocre K-Pop bleep-bloops and similarly pretty faces. However, LODIA is intriguing for several reasons.

First, LODIA is a duo which means that learning names and placing faces with them is going to be a fairly easy task over the standard 4-6 member groups that may take a frustrating amount of time to differentiate. The two even have stage names that are alliterative for those with the attention span of gerbil (that would be me): Effy and Elena. Effy is the one in the one piece. Elena is the one who will own a piece of my soul some day. Easy. More K-Pop duos please.

Two, the group’s lead digital single “I Got a Feeling”, has some heavy house-pop EDM influences which is one of the few western pop trends that hasn’t been as widely appropriated in K-Pop as I would have predicted over the past couple of years.

They’ve even released an incomplete demo of one of Effy’s compositions.

Compared to how frenetic or dramatic most K-Pop arrangements have become LODIA sounds like a fairly relaxing remedy.  It’s as if the K-Pop gods found Icona Pop and then set out to create a mellowed-out version to call their own (either that or they heard Owl City and decided they wanted something like that but with anything resembling teeth).

Third, the duo apparently wrote, composed and arranged “I Got a Feeling” which makes Effy and Elena all kinds of boss. Things like composing one’s own music are not indicative of a group’s future success (indeed, it may not matter at all) but it’s a nice way for LODIA to further differentiate themselves from other new groups.

Lastly, the teaser images definitely don’t hurt the duo’s cause.

Freudian-approved teasers, for sure.

Freudian-approved teasers, for sure.

Assault with deadly force.

Assault with deadly force.

Could groove to this.

Could groove to this.

LODIA: Understanding that first impressions are important.

LODIA: Understanding that first impressions are important.

I am tentatively on the LODIA hype-train y’all.



  1. Did you notice that Effy has a tattoo on her bottom it looks like. I bet KBS makes her cover it up for fear of corrupting Korean youth…lol.

    1. I had but I’m not sure if it’s real (so many K-Pop tattoos are temporaries) and even if it was, there’s no way that that one’s going to see the light of day on broadcasts.

  2. Here’s to ass tattoo’s catching on in Korea!

  3. the song sounds good. Still can’t beat my love for MAMAMOO, though.

  4. I listened to the original and remix version of I Got A Feeling the other day. Definitely promising.

  5. moyaaa · · Reply

    Not bad. Although without a MV, it makes me wonder whether the ladies can move as well as they look. I wouldn’t mind if they just continue to release photos like these, with or without ass-tattoos.

  6. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing a vid and live performances of this.

    I maintain that Wings’ Hair Short is the best of a very strong year for debuts so far. Have you even listened to it yet?

    1. Nope but I’m saving a couple of new releases for a piece.

    2. Good recommendation, thanks. Here’s one for you, if you’ve not already caught it. Check out Phantom’s ‘Seoul Lonely’ featuring Ga-In (and AOA’s Hyejong on the MV).

    3. moyaaa · · Reply

      Came back here to say that I think Wings’ ‘Hair Short’ is one of the best K-Pop songs I’ve heard for a while, new act or not. It’s wickedly addictive. I love the strong beat and use of strings. The vocals are not slouch either. I get goose bumps when they hit the high notes at the pre-chorus and the quieter bridge,
      I didn’t pay attention to ‘Hair Short’ earlier as the music video was kinda dull. Here’s the (IMO) more interesting dance practice video. Yeseul looks hot.

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