SISTAR Ensures That July is Going to Have Comeback Gold


The group perhaps most responsible for shifting the Overton window of sexy towards ‘encouraged” will be making its comeback in a couple of weeks. SISTAR is coming to wreck shit, yo.

SISTAR could have called it quits after 2012 and K-Pop would still be forever in their debt. Through a mixture of sexiness and smiles, SISTAR’s influence on K-Pop has extended far and fans of AOA and Girl’s Day as well as pretty much half the girl group release over the past two years can point to SISTAR as their inspiration. By the looks of things, SISTAR isn’t quite ready to cede their signature style to anyone else yet and we should all bow our heads in thanks.

Also, for those who are hoping to get a break from Brave Brothers releases, there’s some news to be thankful for on that end as well. SISTAR’s frequent producer will not be involved in the group’s upcoming comeback (presumably because Brave Sounds has been busy producing for everyone else in K-Pop right now).

According to an exclusive by OSEN, SISTAR will not work with their go-to producers Brave Brothers and Duble Sidekick this time around and will instead team up with composersRado and Choi Kyu Sung for their new song.

Considering that SISTAR hasn’t worked with Brave Brothers for their last two summer releases (“Give It to Me” and “Loving U”), this may not be that surprising.

What is definitely not surprising is that July is gonna be a good month.

Girl’s Day returns on July 14th. Exactly one week after that SISTAR returns with a similar concept (by the looks of things here). No matter who ends up on top of the charts, humanity wins.




  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    You know, I am fully cognizant of Sistar’s enormous talent and appeal. They sing well, are all incredibly gorgeous, and as you said they do not shy away from taking advantage of their sexiness. But here’s the thing-none of their songs really do anything for me. I like Ma Boy, but I’ve never been able to really get into any of their other stuff. Here’s hoping this one is a combo breaker. Because I really want to like them.

    1. moyaaa · · Reply

      Agree to disagree. “Loving U” is one of my all time favourite K-Pop feel-good songs.

      I wishes they’d work with Shinsadong Tiger. I’m frankly a little sick of Brave Brothers.

      1. “Loving U” converted me to liking SISTAR a lot. Something clicked there.

    2. I got roped in by “Alone” (What leg man wouldn’t). It was one of the first half-dozen K-pop videos I saw and made this group an early favorite of mine with 4Minute, SNSD, and Hyuna. I liked the kind of Motown girl group feel to the song. I will say there is a different vibe to Sistar19’s songs, which is likely due to not having to pass the mic so much between Hyorin, Soyu, and Dasom. You let Hyorin lead, and Bora backs her up and raps, and then you drool over both of them wondering what demon in Korean folklore they sold their souls to in order to get those bodies…lol. I can see why someone might like Sistar19’s work more than Sistar’s. That said, I think Sistar’s work is as strong as anything coming out from Girl Group’s in Korea right now. I wish they would become more popular though in Korea. They seem to almost be more popular overseas than in Korea itself when you look at who is posting on their Facebook page.

      1. “Alone” plus “Loving U” made 2012 the Year of SISTAR.

  2. moyaaa · · Reply

    Hey, the ‘Loving U’ Youtube video thumbnails looks like their come-back photo 🙂
    Oh well, when you have a good silhouette, flaunt it!

    1. Yup, I wouldn’t hate a similar concept at all.

      1. The Hawaii tourism board should have subsidized that video shoot as an advertisement to come to Hawaii to Koreans. That video was shot so well and looked like such fun it had to inspire some folks’ vacation plans to switch from Jeju Island or the Philippines to Hawaii.

  3. Someone is going to have a bad or mediocre July that is a major act. There are a lot of heavyweight female acts dropping albums this month and a number of lighter weight acts. I give Sistar and Starship credit in that even knowing Girl’s Day would drop a week before them and Hyuna would drop on the same day or within the following week, they went ahead with a July drop date. I suppose that shows that Starship is pretty confident in their group and not afraid of competition with soloists or girl groups that have a similar image.

    1. I’m fairly sure that everyone else has to think about when SISTAR is releasing stuff and not the other way around.

  4. with this comeback, thus i thee fap.

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