Waifu Wednesday: Jungah

jungah cover after school flashback

Kim Jungah (better known by her stage name Jungah or Jung-A) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the current leader of After School.

In some ways Jungah has been a bit unlucky. The girl is older for an idol (she’s 30 believe it or not) but she’s only gained the title of leader and senior due to the fact that ex-Leader and all-around badass Kahi graduated from the group after manning those particular spots during the After School’s formative years. By the time that Jungah assumed leadership, the group had more or less solidified it’s above-average but not immense popularity and already had its established stars in UEE, Nana and Lizzy.  Which, in so many ways, is quite a shame. Jungah is hot, can move as well as any of her younger peers and she can still hold her own when it comes to notes as well. Timing counts for so much in K-Pop but Jungah is forever.


Jungah is so hot that she comes with a warning label for children.

Can't mess with this.

Can’t mess with this.

The fat lady stops singing when she hears Jungah’s voice.

To be fair, she leaves plenty of people speechless.

To be fair, she leaves plenty of people speechless.

Jungah’s stomach is so perfect that it’s a protected landmark.

Michelangelo couldn't sculpt better abs.

Michelangelo couldn’t sculpt a better tummy.

Jungah is so right that the terms “wrong” and “left” do not exist in her universe.

Getting dizzy.

Getting dizzy.

Leprechauns seek out the ends of rainbows to find Jungah.



Jungah’s sexiness packs more punch than a boxing match.




will smith feels



  1. ald98 · · Reply

    dissapointed that you didn’t insert Jungah’s bouncing boobs move in Bang! . Seriously, that’s the golden time of After School years.

    1. If you couldn’t tell, more of a fan of Jungah’s erhm backside.

      1. do you mean butt?

        ….. i will let that pass.

  2. I agree: Jungah is hot and very much overlooked (due to the presence of Nana, Jooyeon, etc.).

  3. Off topic, but i’m just derping on Youtube, when i saw this :

    definitely a major sin that i didn’t know this before.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. While I like some of Afterschool’s songs, I admit that other than Nana, I couldn’t pick them out of a lineup. It’s hard to keep up on all the pretty women in K-pop, their names, and what group they are in. This gal is really put together. I’ve got to wonder though if that is a padded bra, a boob job, or all her in that bottom gif. Regardless, they certainly look nice and those legs and derriere are fantastic. Since she is 30 I don’t feel like a dirty old man looking at her as I am not old enough to be her dad like I am with the under 30 girls.

  5. moyaaa · · Reply

    Great to see Jungah getting some Waifu Wednesday love. Even though she’s the 3rd member to join to the group and has been around the longest (after Kahi), it’s hard to stand out in that group. She’s a well rounded entertainer and an under-rated singer. Jungah may be 30 but she’ll always be ‘timeless’:

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