Summer Means A Girl’s Day Comeback: My Body Is Ready


Every day’s a Girl’s Day but that’s especially true during the summer time.

Girl’s Day’s official Twitter tweeted the above image with a message to make way for wet Yura and Minah:

Fresh! Cool~~ Bright?! Please look forward to Girl’s Day that’s having a comeback soon. On the 14th, we’ll coolly melt the summer~“.


July 14th y’all. Kiddie pools and Girl’s Day sure sounds like a good time (also, what the hell is Minah holding? I can’t unsee sex toys).

After all, the group has some experience promoting in pools.

The group will also be releasing a summer album:

“The photo revealed today is a photo that will be included in the summer special album that will be revealed on the 4th. It shows Girl’s Day’s unique cool, fresh, and bright look. Girl’s Day will show their brightest and most natural side through these promotions.”

Now, the only pertinent questions remaining are where is my damn Sojin teaser and will it have a sweet potato Easter egg in it.



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    “Coolly melt the summer”? Wtf is that even supposed to mean? I guess it matters not, as long as whatever they put out is half as good as Female Pres.

    Oh, and “my body is ready”? Really? When did you become a 14 year old?

    1. Lazy title I’ll cop to that. Had some stuff come up so I couldn’t be my usual witty and sophisticated self.

      1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · ·

        I’ll let it slide this one time

    2. They’re going to melt our icy hearts with a cool island song.

  2. 1 Minah is holding what she is holding.
    2 She looks unusually happy doing so.
    3 Yura is almost irrelevant by comparison.

    1. Never thought I’d see Yura be irrelevant to a teaser but yeah. Can’t take eyes off of Minah’s hands because seriously WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS.

  3. ald98 · · Reply

    Summer + pool + girls day + minah holding dildos = perfect.

    1. Yeah, what in the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s name is Minah holding? Maybe they are popsicles, but they sure look like something that won’t make it past the censors at KBS…lol.

      1. Meh, it will be pass the KBS cencorship, after we saw KBS banning things that shouldn’t have banned and not banning things that should have been banned.

    2. I… think you hacked Dream Tea Entertainment’s idea board.

  4. moyaaa · · Reply

    Here’s another teaser photo featuring the other 2 ladies (check out Sojin!).

    No sign of them dual-dildos anywhere. I swear that was the first thing that caught my eye 😛

    1. moyaaa · · Reply

      Oops, my bad. I just saw the July 09 post on this.

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