At Least Hyomin’s “Nice Body” Gave Us A Brief “Invincible Youth” Reunion


I was not the biggest fan of Hyomin’s “Nice Body” but it did provide the cast of Invincible Youth an excuse to get back together for a bit so it has that going for it.

Hopefully next time Hyuna can take some time out of her schedule so all the OG members can hang out and reminisce about the times they totally had fun farming sweet potatoes and catching chickens.

Maybe that experience scarred Hyuna for life or something.

Alas, there was also no Shinyoung or Tae Woo to awkwardly hit on Yuri but everyone else showed up.

Hyomin posted the photos onto her Twitter and wrote, “The ‘Invincible Youth’ family gathered together for the first time in a really long while!! They gave me cake and cheered me on for my first solo debut… Today we talked about our memories, and today’s going to become a memory, too, right..?? I’m happy. Next time, I hope to see Tae Woo oppa and Shin Young unni and HyunA together as well~~♥“.

Sigh, this cast needs to get back together and do a reunion tour. There are few variety shows that hit the endearing and entertaining button as often as watching the original members of Invincible Youth do their thing.

G7 4 lyfe yo.



  1. N_cola · · Reply

    This gave me so many happy/sad feelings… I don’t know what to think any more.

    1. Yeah, it’s like seeing a broken up band get back together for an award show or something.

      1. Yeah, like what we one day will likely have to deal with when SNSD comes to the end of the road musically as a nine member group. We are going to really miss them I think and I won’t be surprised if other than a few members that stay on as active entertainers whether we ever hear much about the ones that really retired to raise families or because they just wanted to be left alone after nearly every day of their life for X years had been chronicled, taped, and photographed. I wouldn’t blame some or all of them if they just wanted to retire and enjoy their money and maybe even move away from Korea to someplace where they have near anonymity and can live some semblance of a normal life. Though I do hope that if they do disband that every so often the pop up having got together even if it is just in two’s or three’s and seldom all nine except due to some major milestone like the 25th anniversary of debut and KBS does a “Where are they now” special, a huge charity event (Like Live-Aid) that brings them together to perform a few songs on stage, or some lifetime achievement award with the industry. That’s the reality for most groups. I don’t think SNSD will stay together much past their 10th anniversary. That would likely be a good year to announce a last world tour and album, and let the girls that want to settle down get the chance to do so and those that want to pursue other interests get a chance to do so. Maybe they announce it as an indefinite hiatus, but with a group that large, getting all nine back together again after a few years away is probably unrealistic. Some will be content in their very private life and not be interested in public life again. Some will have family commitments that make recording, promotions, and touring unworkable. Some may simply want to move on with whatever they are doing career-wise at that point and don’t want to re-open that book (Especially if they went out on top as why take the chance on tarnishing that legacy). I doubt that 10 years after they disband that more than a couple are still in the performing side of the entertainment industry.

  2. Well they will have to invite Sunny or they will never catch the chickens or get any of the other unpleasant livestock chores done. Sometime I need to get around to watch all of IY1. Mostly I have only seen clips of it. I saw all or IY2 and all of FO1, but have not got around to FO2.

    I imagine Hyuna would have been there if not for having a comeback in just a few weeks and likely having a scheduling conflict as a result.

    1. No offense to the cast of IY2 but that show didn’t hold a candle to IY1. Watch it, you won’t regret it for a minute (as long as it’s the OG7

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Really good to see them together. I loved this show so much I have all the episodes of season one.

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