Waifu Wednesday: Luna

luna capa seoul

Park Sun Young (better known by her stage name Luna) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and model. She is best known for being the main vocalist and lead dancer of f(x) and pretty much carrying that group vocally. As a piece of trivia, she also has a twin sister.

f(x) isn’t a group which relies on much vocal power or range to get through its singles. Generally, the group’s standard electro-beats don’t require much outside of an Amber rap and some interchangeable verses sung by competent enough singers. But when f(x) does need a singing burst, they wisely turn to Luna who can fearlessly belt it like none of her group mates can. Yet, Luna seems to be the least popular member in her group. Amber stands out in K-Pop for obvious reasons (a tom-boyish female Chinese American rapper in K-Pop is rare to say the least), Sulli gets a lot of attention for her acting, Victoria gets to be the leader and Krystal is a Jung. . It seems that the world (including this blog, given that Luna is the last member of f(x) to get a Waifu Wednesday) has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to spazzing out over the glory that is Luna. “Red Light” seems like as good a time as any, especially given how Luna slayed her teaser set:

Luna's teasers are the best teasers.

Luna’s teasers are the best teasers.


Luna is so pretty that sunshines write poems about her smile.

Also pretty for other reasons.

Also pretty for other reasons.

Luna’s voice is stronger than Superman on PEDs.

All hail Luna.

All hail Luna.

Luna is so sexy she should come with a warning label.

Luna belly is underrated.

Luna belly is underrated.

Luna’s brilliance is brighter than a solar flare to the face.

Could also knock you da fuq out.

Could also knock you da fuq out.

Luna’s talents run deeper than the Pacific Ocean.

Just felt like posting this one.

Just felt like posting this one.

Luna could turn steel to a puddle of goo with her eyes.

I feel like a Luna-lution is coming.

I feel like a Luna-lution is coming.


feels dolphin



  1. ald98 · · Reply

    Finally Luna. She’s underrated on the K-pop world because, well, she is short and also factually un-attractive according to the korean standard.

    Anyway, i don’t really have to begging it twice, but can you reviewing Fiestar’s One More MV? The song and video is bugging me in a good way that i have to sharing the pain and goodness to other.

    1. I’ll check it out. Look for something around Friday.

    2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

      Man, the Koreans have some messed up standards if this is considered factually unnatractive. No wonder so much cosmetic surgery goes on over there.

      Anyway, another triumph for the Slug. Those pics of Luna in the cowboy getup are all the evidence needed to prove that she is indeed worthy.

      1. Agreed. I don’t even find any part of Luna that is unattractive (maybe the face structure?), but her superb vocal and amazing dance save her from the doom, so.

      2. I think Luna is really cute and I like her singing voice. Korea has a fetish for pale skinned, 5’4″+, skinny women. Luna is short, tan, and muscular, which in the eyes of the beauty police isn’t optimal. My bias in f(x) is Victoria (Those eyes), but Luna is likely my #2 in the group. By the way, Luna reminds me a lot of Sunny in that she may be short, but she has a great body and seems like someone who would be a lot of fun to date.

    3. I like the new Fiestar video and song. The girls look hot in the video and it’s sexy without being trashy. Also, I like the music and the girls’ singing. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it. I think it is a step in the right direction. I hope it performs well on the charts and the shows. This group needs to get back in the studio soon and put together a strong EP or LP.

      1. Ditto.I can’t even imagine someone doesn’t like the song. Maybe the same person who die-hard fan of I Got A Boy?

        Also, it kinda semi-flop on the Melon. placing on the 28th (i dont really speak korean, so i dont know if it is the right chart) , but at least it’s higher than Hyomin’s Nice Body.

  2. Hello. This was good. And I too was distracted by Luna’s smile. I hope this doesn’t make me seem like a dirty old man but I recently discovered a 13 year-old pre-debut Luna on a Korean show:

    It makes me blush.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Hot enough for me.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    That post was supposed to be before the 13 yo Luna. I didn’t even watch it I swear.

  5. Surprising it took you so long, this is an underated babe.
    Thinking about why though, she is in a kinda similar situation to the also underated Hyorin. But wheras Hyorin is cursed to stand next to one Bora-level babe, Luna has to stand next to 3 Bora-level babes.
    ps I am intrigued by the cowgirl getup and would like to know more, purely for “educational” purposes.

    1. I agree, Hyorin may not be the classic definition of Korean beauty, but she really is pretty. She has a gorgeous smile and obviously her body rocks. One thing I like about Hyorin and Bora is they aren’t bleaching their skin or ashamed of their darker skin tone. They seem to embrace it, which must be pretty cool for Korean girls that have darker skin and generally only see a parade of pale-skinned women on TV being considered pretty or sexy..

    2. That cowgirl getup looks like it was part of the production of “Coyote Ugly” which Luna starred in back in 2011. She was in the stage production of “High School” Musical” as the lead this year and was also in Legally Blonde back in 2011 as the lead. She seems to like doing musicals. Also, she did a duet with Sunny for the OST for “To The Beautiful You” called “It’s Me” which I really like that you might want to listen to if you are a fan of either.

      1. That’s likely it because I can’t see SM putting together a stage like this.

      2. True, this would be too racy for SM and KBS would never let those costumes on the male and female dancers air. Though it’s nice imagining what Yuri or Victoria might look like in that get up…

  6. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    My first bias! (before started learning the netizen lingo)

    It’s a damn shame that she hasn’t got the attention that she deserves yet. Maybe when SNSD mating season ends, SM will start pushing f(x) a bit more…

    Her teaming with Kwangsoo in Running Man was one of the best moments of my life. She needs to get out a bit more I think.

    1. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

      Also – I just saw the MV for Red Light. Absolutely fantastic !! Unique and polished, I thought I was watching a contemporary EDM music video.

      But the song – oh lord! It’s a mess – I still want to give it a chance though.

      1. I was glad to see an f(x) video that wasn’t dance in a box or single scene (Hot Summer). The video is interesting. I am going to try to find the lyrics translation as it may make the video make more sense. This song seems a bit like “I Got a Boy” in that is sounds like a mess at first, but as you listen to it more you start to appreciate it more. I need to listen to it a few more times without the video on and see if it grows on me or not.

      2. N_cola · ·

        I feel like in the minority here… I absolutely loved the song from the first listen. I don’t find it as much of a mess as IGAB, since Red Light’s transitions seem smoother. This is one of my favourite girl group comebacks this year, personally.

  7. rbeforee · · Reply

    I think my favourite thing about Luna is that live she always looks so damn happy to be performing. It’s like there’s nothing else she’d rather be doing.

  8. Finally .. you know I requested her like, 3 times, yellowslug.
    She’s my bias. Personally, I find her very attractive, but it’s her personality and singing that really pulled me in.

    1. You forgot all the really good stuff of her… besides her fabulous attitude.


      Sorry for the spam but you know you want it.

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