Review: Hyomin – “Nice Body” Should Have Just Called It Quits With The Teasers

hyomin nice body review cover

Hyomin’s first solo effort, “Nice Body” is so bland that it somehow does its rather dull title a disservice.

“Nice Body” could be described as a laid-back Brave Brothers summer jam and it would be about halfway accurate. Brave Brothers does produce “Nice Body” and it is, in fact, summer time. Unfortunately, “Nice Body” isn’t so much a laid-back jam as it is Brave Brothers deciding to sleep-walk through a tune. Considering that Brave Brothers has been mailing it in for quite awhile, that’s saying something. The requisite Casio keys and snare drums are meant to feel light and cheerful but they just trudge along against a lifeless bass like a half-dead zombie that’s trying to fit in at a beach party.

It doesn’t help that Hyomin’s auto-tuned to the point of barely being present on her own track. The best thing about the song ends up being Loco, who oddly stands out like a sore thumb and seems under-utilized at the same time. Every now and then Hyomin’s actual voice pops through and one can see the potential that this project has but then the chorus starts up and the double-tracked robotic sheen stomps out whatever pulse “Nice Body” was able to manage for itself. The heavily processed vocals combined with the sparse beat leaves “Nice Body” with so little that’s actually attention-grabbing or interesting.  It’s a bit damning when the best praise that one can offer a song is that it is so easily disposable.

Yup, this is it y'all.

Yup, this is it y’all.

The video doesn’t even try to elevate the mediocrity of the music. “Nice Body” is about as by-the-books as it gets which is especially disappointing after Jiyeon’s excellent “1 Min 1 Sec (Never Ever)“. Things get off to a dubious start with Hyomin Nutty Professor-ing it up to provide a paper-thin plot but even that proceeds to go nowhere. Fat-suit Hyomin eats a magical roofie donut and has a dream where she’s transformed into a regular Hyomin who has a pet rapper. She then wakes up. THAT IS THE ENTIRE VIDEO. Apparently, there is no better dream than that of a boilerplate dance-in-a-box concept.

Yes, Hyomin looks amazing in this. Yes, the various outfits do accentuate her figure well. Still, when a gif can summarize an entire music video without losing a thing in terms of context, the video may have a creativity problem.

Granted, it's a really nice gif.

Granted, it’s a really nice gif.

Even the 19+ dance version of “Nice Body” suffers from a lack of impact. Part of it is undoubtedly due to the trailers which (gasp) already show the best parts of the video. But another part of it is just due to the rather drab, empty warehouse set and lack of any interesting visuals outside of Hyomin herself.

Taken together, “Nice Body” suffers because it is no more substantive than the teaser images which led up to it. Someone as sexy as Hyomin could have been a creative muse but she’s too often deployed as a crutch in “Nice Body”. The beat sounds like it’s meant to be forgotten while the auto-tuned vocals all but assure that it will be. The video can’t seem to offer anything insightful other than showcasing that Hyomin’s sexy. The problem with that is that anyone who cares about this release already knew that.

In the end, the song’s title sums up Hyomin’s first solo release rather well. “Nice Body” is about the most uninspiring descriptor one could have for Hyomin and “uninspiring” ends up being the best way to describe this entire effort.



  1. ald98 · · Reply

    i’m yawning at the song and jaw-dropping for the video at the same time.

    1. The reactions are similar enough I suppose.

  2. This seems all too common when groups have members do a solo project. I have seen a lot of this lately where some group has a member cut a solo album and it likely should have never been bothered with. Of solo albums released this year Hyorin’s was very strong, but broke no new ground, Hyosung’s looks stronger based on the weak efforts of several other solo albums, and then I am hard pressed to thing of a solo album by a group member that had a respectable single let alone more than one song on the album that was worth listening to.

    It’s like the companies do them just to stroke the ego of their artist, and the company and sometimes the artist doesn’t seem to put a full effort behind it. Very rarely do you see a member of a group do a solo song or album that gets to #1 or picks up show wins. I think Hyorin might be the only such soloist that really landed a good solo album this year. I think that is partly because while it didn’t break new ground, Starship was really behind it, and Hyorin is a world class singer that composers want to get material in front of and that Hyorin is a very had worker who isn’t going to put in a half-assed effort

    Of course one reason that some solo albums fail is there aren’t that many doing them, that are members of groups, that have strong enough vocals to be a true soloist like an Ailee, IU, etc. Other than Hyorin and some SPICA members most leads in groups don’t have the range to be soloists. Taeyeon is a great singer, but her range isn’t that of a true soloist. She would need to be very careful about the material she is given, but if she were to do a solo release it would likely be pretty successful simply because she is Taeyeon (Though maybe not at the moment with the dating brouhaha). Group’s covers weaknesses with other member that are stronger where the lead isn’t, but may be weak in places that the lead isn’t.

    As many have commented, its surprising that Hyorin wasn’t debuted as a soloist, but I suspect that was a financial decision rather than a musical one. Girl groups tend to have better revenue streams than soloists and for a small company that is often more critical. Hyorin clearly isn’t intimidated about singing on her own the way Taeyeon seems to be, so that certainly wasn’t part of the equation. It certainly wasnt’ a case of her not being ready to sing without a group behind her, because almost as soon as Sistar debuted Hyorin was on Immortal Song impressing people with her solo vocals.

    It really would be better if most labels focused in their groups and making a strong album for their group that maybe included a solo track in cases like Hyomin’s where the company or her don’t really seem to be capable or willing to really push her as a soloist. If that solo song on the album gets no buzz then you can pretty much figure out that a promoted solo album or single isn’t going to get much traction.

    Ironically one of the most successful soloists from a group is Hyuna, who is just an average singer, but has that intangible star power kind of like Hyori does too. Neither of them is a great singer, and in Hyori’s case she isn’t even a great dancer and can’t rap, but when either of them get on a stage, they own it, and you can feel it. There is no question that they aren’t the star and that they know it. The funny thing is their stage personas are often very unlike their off-stage personality. Obviously they both play up their sexiness on stage, but that isn’t usually enough to maintain things for long. There is that something you can’t really put your finger on that makes you want to watch them.

    1. black soshi · · Reply

      So you like the song.

    2. I think a strong and divergent point of view works well. Hyuna’s sex kitten thing definitely helped set her apart from the rest of 4Minute even if that was an obvious route to take. But you’re correct. Most solo efforts don’t do that well because they’re more or less the same as the group efforts but with only one member that you care about.

  3. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Yoiks! Who pissed in your Cheerios? It’s not that bad. Not great, but not nearly as terrible as your savaging would suggest. I’ve seen plenty of slut-shaming as a result of the teasers and now the MV and I’m really glad you didn’t jump on that bandwagon. But still, give the poor girl a break. Maybe it’s because I don’t hate Brave Brothers, but I think it’s a perfectly servicable summer song and she looks and moves like the star that she is in the video.

    1. I like Brave Brothers overall, but that team has been spread thin recently and I think it shows. I think I spent most of my time writing this thinking of new ways to say boring which, to me, is the worst thing an mv can be. Give me a hot mess over mediocrity any day. It’s not horrible but it’s meh.

      1. I wonder if Brave Brothers is spread a little thin with their 10th anniversary project on top of their regular work. Sometimes composing too much at the same time can degrade quality. Even the best composers misfire at times or struggle to produce a hit. Though usually good composers eventually return to form.

  4. ald98 · · Reply

    Hey yellowslug ! sorry for double comment and this question about your private life, but…

    your name is ryan, right?

    1. Yup, I’ve mentioned that on a vlog post on here I think.

      1. glad to know ! i’ve watched your vlog review on Dream Girl.

        By the way, have you seen Fiestar’s One More MV?

      2. Oh, I didn’t know that Cheska had left the group. Hey look, the girls have all grown up and discovered padded bras in the process! Seriously though, Fiestar has some really good looking members (Jei, Cao Lu, Linzy). This song is a ‘meh’ though.

      3. doesn’t matter tho, Jei (and even Yezi!) is still fap-able, sooooooo………

  5. black soshi · · Reply

    I like Hyomin because she is hot. But this song is just shitty pop music. SNSD “b-sides” kill this.
    God I hope Hyuna gets a good tune.

    1. Pretty much this.

    2. Me too regarding Hyuna. If she had the vocal chops to do it, I think it would be ironic to tweak the nose of her haters if she did a really classy ballad that blew people away, but she isn’t that kind of vocalist at least from what I have heard. It might be fun to see her do something that’s kind of cute rather than sexed up, but at the same time you don’t want to mess with what has been a winning formula too much. I really liked Troublemaker’s last EP, so hopefully this is a similarly strong effort. That pairing works really good together. They have great charisma and chemistry on stage.

  6. moyaaa · · Reply

    Funny how several of the comments mention Hyuna in comparision ‘cos I do see some of ‘Hyuna-ness’ in the MV. However unlike Hyomin, Hyuna draws attention like no one else within her group and ‘Bubble Pop’ is still the gold standard in K-Pop hip gyrations. So yes, Hyuna has an average voice too, but that’s ok ‘cos there’s always auto-tune and it’s the entire package that sells, and Hyuna (and her team) can bring it. Here’s Hyuna with an incredible track that I’ve not yet gotten tired of listening to repeatedly:

    It’s really unfortunate they couldn’t provide Hyomin a better song for her solo debut. She’s definitely one of the more interesting members in T-ara, but the blandness of this song just forces the production team to divert attention to her (very good) body instead. The (English translated) lyrics is also cringe-worthy. Hyomin deserves better.

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