Girl’s Day, BESTie and AOA Team Up to Form Voltron of K-Pop Dreams, Cover SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.”

Screenshot 2014-06-28 at 11aoa girls day bestie mr mr

So, this happened yesterday and has been covered elsewhere but it deserves a spot here as well.

Girl’s Day, BESTie and AOA shared a stage in a place other than my fantasies and it was fantastic.

The three groups covered SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.” on Music Bank and it was frankly amazing because CHOA IN DAT SUIT IS PEAK LIFE.

You can’t really judge the quality of the music when the thing is auto-tuned and lipsynched like it is here (hard to blame them considering that getting three groups together for a stage like this had to be somewhat of a logistical nightmare to begin with) but the stage itself is everything great about K-Pop in the year 2014.

Aliens will one day study our species and call this "The Golden Age of Humanity"

Aliens will one day study our species and call this “The Golden Age of Humanity”

Awesome cover of the biggest K-Pop group alive or a preemeptive In Memoriam tribute to a previous (Girls’) generation? Are AOA, Girl’s Day and BESTie honoring the greats or  does this represent comin’ for the throne? Am I just coming up with provocative bullshit to pad this out or is this An Event of Significant Importance?

Who gives a flying fuck, this is pretty much K-Pop reaching its potential as a genre for better or worse.

Everything is wonderful and nothing hurts.




  1. kind of dissapointed that you didn’t spazzing over Dahye and the Goddess’s Day. Anyway, can you do the Popping the K-pop Cherry again at the end of this or next month?

    Happy Fasting Month for Moslems !

    1. Yeah, I’ll look for some groups to do one of those features for sure.

      And all the spazzinggoes to Choa in this one.

      1. reccomendation of girl groups that currenty ‘in’ right now : Mamamoo, Bob Girls, and Tiny G. Mamamoo have some voices and a couple of the members are hot, Bob Girls kinda flop but they are Crayon pop’s sister group so why not.

  2. Well if Girl’s Day’s next release does as well as their last three or improves on them, they will likely jump up to that top tier with SNSD, 2NE1, and Sistar with that kind of momentum. They are already tantalizingly close to that position. One thing that is kind of funny is that SNSD is kind of legend even among groups that are all about the same age or sometimes even older than the members of SNSD. Of course part of that is SNSD has been around for so long and there isn’t an active girl group that has been around longer except Brown Eyed Girls let alone more successful.

    I think the jury is still out on AOA and Bestie. They are both pretty new. They seem to have potential though. Of course a lot of groups have potential, but they never catch fire or never get that song that differentiates them from the herd.

    1. Yeah, I’d say that Girl’s Day is the most prominent of these three and has the best chance of being one of the standard bearers of girl groups in K-Pop. AOA and BESTie still have room to grow.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    I saw this yesterday and I thought it was great. Do you think it may have been planned to cheer on the girls in the wake of this “scandal”? God bless them all of them, especially the scandalous ones.

    1. I don’t know, but it sure leaves a lot to cheer about.

    2. I suspect this was planned weeks ago as getting three groups members scheduled takes some planning and they need to get together a fair amount to rehearse the choreography and lay down the track for the lip sync.

  4. Thanks for covering this. That was pretty awesome and the ladies did a great job, considering they hail from different groups and it’s easy to mess up when you have 12 sharing a stage.
    I would file this under “comin’ for the throne”, plus this is good exposure for some of the girls.
    Maybe I’m bias but I thought Choa was rather amazing. She really stood out (dat suit!), which is saying something ‘cos there were a whole lot of looks and talent on show.

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