SM Entertainment Decides the Best Way to Garner Interest in f(x)’s Comeback is to Have Krystal Give People Nightmares

I feel like I should run.

I feel like I should run.

So, yesterday when I checked there was one teaser image of Krystal for f(x)’s next comeback, “Red Light”. It was, to put it lightly, oddly attractive and slightly horrifying.


Don’t know whether to kill it or worship it.

But then, there were more. And things got even weirder with each image being not so much a teaser as a portrayal of a slow descent into madness.

First, there was this:

Oh, ok. Like, they forgot to apply eye makeup to both sides of her face. Cool.

Oh, ok. Like, they forgot to apply eye makeup to both sides of her face. Cool.

Then this:

Hmmm, getting a little "Clockwork Orange" vibe now.

Hmmm, getting a little “Clockwork Orange” vibe now.

I mean, it’s not like we’re in Halloween season.

My soul feels like its leaving my body.

My soul feels like its leaving my body.

Seriously, teasers aren’t true. Teasers aren’t true.

"Beetlejuice meets prison yard" - your new f(x) concept!

“Beetlejuice meets prison yard” – your new f(x) concept!


The best-worst night terror?

The best-worst night terror?

Is this a teaser for a music video or a J-Horror movie?

Getting serious Fatal Frame vibes.

Getting serious Fatal Frame vibes.


Pretty sure I pissed myself as a young child due to something like this.

Pretty sure I pissed myself as a young child due to dreaming of something like this.

NOPE. Yeah, we’re done here.

Ooooh, it's a snuff film. Now everything makes more sense.

Ooooh, it’s a snuff film. Now everything makes more sense.

I will literally laugh out loud when the music video is released and there’s not even a single nod to these teasers but I have to admit, these leave quite the impression. And by impression, I mean that they make me want to take a shower and watch Frozen or The Lion King over and over again so I can properly sleep tonight.



  1. Maybe Jessica came up with the concept for Krystal to keep the boys away from her little sister a bit longer. This will certain send some boys packing.

    1. Some next-level moves from Jessica? I want to believe it.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    thats so goth. I remember long ago when I would listen to music perfectly suited to this concept. Thrill Kill Kult, Bauhaus, Alien Sex Fiend…seems so weird now. Ah memories.

    1. Now imagine those images but with by-the-books electro-pop and you have f(x)’s new look.

  3. This is too negative. I mean, I do respect your opinion but… why can’t people just appreciate whatever is there for us?

    1. You’re more than welcome to.

  4. Hello. I’m under the impression that SM Entertainment may be pushing the envelope with this new comeback. After all, they’re F(x); always changing.

    1. Their teaser images are always changing but f(x) has always been about riffing on techno-pop with a stronger emphasis on the pop side for me.

  5. Maybe f(x) is going to do an album of tributes to The Cure and The Smiths…lol. These seem like the right images for that. I’m actually looking forward to their new release. I thought Pink Tape was one of those rare K-pop LP’s that wasn’t just a single and 6 to 8 pieces of filler. Too many K-pop albums be it EP’s or LP’s seem to fit that single plus a bunch of filler formula. f(x) is the rare SM act that I think could crossover internationally and strong albums are part of that formula.

    By the way Sulli’s pics are up now. It appears she is pre-promoting her new movie “Pirates.” or injured her eye during the photography session. You’ll see what I mean. 🙂

    1. Now I’m just confused. Krystal’s were much more eye-catching. Sulli’s look tame by comparison except for that death-bride shot or whatever that’s supposed to be.

  6. completely off-topic (and to make your nightmare tonight dissapear) do you know that Girls day, AOA, and Bestie cover SNSD’s Mr. Mr. on Music bank yesterday?

    1. I had forgotten they were doing that, so I checked it out. They did a pretty good job. Why do the cameramen always cut away in the best part of the choreography or move they cameras above hip level at when they do this hip waggle.

      1. Because hip-wiggling corrupts children or something.

    2. Doing a write up on this now.

  7. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    First AOA blatantly steals Wing’s Hair Short title and now (f)x looks like they are going to rip off the Hair Short MV’s creepy concept. I am well aware that Wings is the best thing to happen to Kpop since short-shorts, but I had no idea they would become such trend setters!

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