Krystal Looks Straight Up Crazy for f(x)’s Comeback Teaser


On the one hand, this will probably not end up being anything actually creepy or remarkable because it’s SM Entertainment and they love to lie with their teasers. A lot.

I mean, the group teased the incredibly safe and by-the-books “Electric Shock” with this big ball of creepy.

f(x) electric shock teaser 2


So, it’s not like there isn’t precedence for f(x) taking a really compelling image and then squandering it away under a wave of dance-in-the-box direction and neon lights.

Still, there’s no doubt that this image of Krystal looking like some emo Catholic meth-addled zombie (seriously, that pencil is pretty much a needle). You have my attention SM Entertainment. Well played.

According to SM Entertainment on the 27th, f(x) will make a comeback with their 3rd full-length album ‘Red Light‘ on July 7! This will mark their comeback in a year since their 2nd album ‘Pink Tape‘.

Of course, now I can’t help but see this teaser and think “Red Light district”.



  1. Sexy Zombie Krystal. Haven’t been this impressed with a blond korean since Jiyeon was chopping down bitches in Day By Day.

    1. Mmmhmm. I’ll still say Nana is the blond hair standard though.

  2. y do u haz to pick that pic o<-< i love the one of her with windswept hair with shirt and tie. so georg. anyway, i'm ecstatic

  3. By the krystal looks of the teaser, i hope this isn’t gonna be a post-apocalyptic theme with 20 minutes (with sequel) drama version of her having superpower and sh*t. Just no.

    1. Day by Day wasn’t bad although I may just find Eunjung with a sword to be strangely hot.

      1. DbD was epic and Hyomin being impaled by a sword was strangely hot.

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