In Real (Heart) Breaking News, Ryu Sera to Graduate From Nine Muses

ryu sera nine muses

In news which is infinitely more groundbreaking and important than learning that Taeyeon is getting the D from Baekhyun, Ryu Sera will be graduating from Nine Muses.

With the previous defections of Lee Sem and Eunji, this brings Nine Muses down to six actual members, although Star Empire plans to add one more with Sera’s departure.

“Nine Muses’ Sera’s contract has reached its expiration date so she has decided to graduate from Nine Muses. Her future activities have not been discussed in detail, and we will cheer on and respect Sera’s new start.”

“Nine Muses plan to recruit a new member and with a reorganized team, they plan to make a comeback early August. We also ask that you show your support and love for the future activities of Sera as well as Nine Muses.”

And like that, it feels like the end of a wonderful, selca-filled, hnnng-ified era. Based off the statement from her label, it doesn’t seem that there’s any plans to bring Sera back as a solo act, at least under Star Empire. Considering that Star Empire doesn’t come across as a rather nurturing company, this isn’t that surprising. After all,  Sera did have this to say about the process of becoming a K-Pop idol in the documentary Nine Muses of Star Empire:

When asked about what has changed before debut and after debut, this is her answer:

“I’m not sure if this is useful but what has changed is that before debut, there was humanity among us. We had that then. We don’t have that anymore.”

So, this probably was a long time coming. Hopefully, Sera can go on and become a famous Youtube singing sensation. Until then, here’s to her getting some rest and relaxation. Lord knows, she’s earned it.

And now, a visual tribute to the Goddess Formerly Known as Nine Muses’ Sera.



Long live Sera.

Long live Sera.

Life goes on but Sera is forever.

Life goes on but Sera is forever.

Too good for this K-Pop world.

Too good for this K-Pop world.



The feels are real.

The feels are real.

I feel some Whitney Houston coming on.

I feel some Whitney Houston coming on.

Sigh, from a completely selfish standpoint this really is The Darkest Timeline.



  1. Community FTW! But I love Sera, she’s the reason I paid attention to any 9 Muses news. This is sad indeed… Well that frees her up to join another group. Someone needs to get Sera, NS Yoon G, Clara, Kim Sori, and G.NA in a group ::prays to Kpop God:: then they can make a song with Troy like Destiny’s Child did with Next.

    1. If that group became a reality, this blog would just convert into a fan site for it.

  2. Star Empire, you’re still long way to go to fulfill your dream of becoming the next CCM.

    Anyway, except the new members are as perfect as Sera’s voice, Sam’s smile, and Eunji’s dimple, maybe i would never stan them really hard anymore. Sorry.

    1. There’s still Kyungri and Hyuna (and Minha!) but yeah, it won’t be the same.

  3. NO NO NO … my three Biases in the same group are gone or leaving? really? what kpop god did I anger.

    1. I think I scoffed too much at the Taeyeon news as being nothing. This is the k-pop gods’ revenge.

  4. I didn’t really expect this! I just hope Muses hold together as a group and continue to release good music.

  5. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    This sucks. You cannot watch that Dancin in the Moonlight video and not fall in love with her. Who knows – with her looks and talent and ability to speak English maybe she can make it here in the states. It would be great if she could become the first real crossover star. I know it’s unlikely, but we can hope for the best for her. I just hope she’s happy, whatever she does.

    1. Yup, whatever it is, hopefully she’ll find it to be more rewarding than being an idol.

  6. Wow, just wow. If someone told me last winter that Sera would be leaving Nine Muses in six months, I would have never believed them.

    1. I would have said, “Ha, and next you’ll say everyone will suddenly hate Taeyeon.”

  7. moyaaa · · Reply

    Besides Star Empire being not a particularly nurturing environment, I think the fact that the group as a whole didn’t live together (like other groups) could have also contributed to their quick disintegration.

    1. Eh, they were all somewhat older to begin with. Also, they’ve gone through so many members since they were first founded that I shouldn’t be that surprised (though I am because it’s Sera).

      1. On one hand, I’m surprised as well that Sera left because from the ‘9 Muses of Star Empire’ documentary, she came across as one of the members that seemed more committed to the group and to performing, and they are now really just getting into their success.
        On the other hand, I’m not surprised she left because from that same documentary, their management treated her like dirt and dismissed her as leader (personally I think this ‘leader’ tradition in K-Pop is BS).
        Also, good point on the fact that the members are older. I’ve just realised that all the members who have left 9 Muses are the older members, although it wouldn’t surprised me to see their Maknae (Hyemi) leave too, seeing how she was close to Sera.

  8. That humanity comment she made sounds a bit like it could be an indictment of some of the group members as well as the management. I would think that large groups like this getting along internally are the exception rather than the rule as egos clash, personalities don’t mesh, and cliques form within. SM got exceptionally lucky with SNSD as it seems they actually like each other, check their egos, and while not all are bff’s, they don’t seem to have firm cliques where member A or B never hangs out with members X, Y, and Z. That doesn’t seem to be the norm. Also, money probably plays a big role in large groups.staying together. A large group means that group earnings get split more ways and if a group isn’t wildly successful, no one is making much so there is less incentive to stay. Some of the Nine Muses members may earn more dedicating themselves to full-time modeling than they might with their shares of group and solo activities. It may be that so many are leaving because they can do better just working as a model or an actress and maybe don’t dig the singing and dancing that much especially if it isn’t going gangbusters.

    1. SNSD is definitely the exception to the large group rule. It’s hard for me to think of a six plus member group that hasn’t had member changes. I think the amount of turnover is telling for Nine Muses, especially since it seemed like they had a little momentum.

      1. It’s hard for me to think of a six plus member group that hasn’t had member changes.

        AOA, dude. AOA. *knock on wood*

      2. Bow you’ve jinxed it haha.

      3. AOA’s drummer might quit to start a seminal funk band. 🙂

  9. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    There isn’t much left to be said that hasn’t been said already.

    She was the last person I expected to leave 9M! I truly thought that Erin would go next.

    All good things must come to an end I suppose & I guess she got sick of 9M always being on the verge of great things but never really making it.

    I don’t see them recovering from this – it would require a miracle.

  10. Now she’s free to join Girl’s Generation. Rested and well, just the right time.

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