The Hyomin Solo Debut Hype Train Makes A Sexy Detour At ‘Arena Homme Plus’

hyomin tara arena homme plus cover

‘Arena Homme Plus’ puts together a photoshoot that is 99% better than whatever photos K-Pop groups shove into their CD jackets. So, it’s probably safe to say that this is about as “peak” Hyomin as we’re going to get for her upcoming solo debut.

I mean, this is going to be extremely hard to top.

The shoot was about Hyomin regaining her mojo or something:

 “I normally had an outgoing [personality] but I am slowly becoming more introverted. I wanted to overcome this obstacle and regain my confidence. That is why what I’ve come up with is a drastic [transformation].”

Did I miss something? When was Hyomin anything but an gargantuan force  of sexual nature?

Give me all the belly panels.

Give me all the belly panels.

So much... confidence.

So much… confidence.

The theme is "wet" I see.

Well, fuck.

My body is ready for “Nice Body”.


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