Waifu Wednesday: Krystal Jung

krystal jung cover

Chrystal Soo Jung (better known by her stage name, Krystal) is a Korean American idol singer and actress. She is best known for being a member of K-Pop group f(x) and being the sister of ice goddess Jessica Jung.

Escaping the shadow of Jessica Jung is a neigh impossible feat which only a few chosen ones could possibly manage. Krystal happens to be one of them. While some (as in me) stan Jessica like an icicle-bedecked prophet, there is no denying that SM Entertainment knew what they were doing when they recruited both of them at an early age. And while the Jung sisters perform together from time to time, Krystal has more than earned her own spotlight. She may not be her group’s best vocalist but Krystal is an absolutely compelling reason to care about f(x). Hell, she’s a compelling reason to believe in the very concept of “beauty”, “hotness” and “blessed genes”.


Krystal is so pretty that she grabs more attention than Halley’s Comet.

Krystal: Making street poles sexy by proximity.

Krystal: Making street poles sexy by proximity.

Krystal’s abs are so pristine that the gods swear she stole them from heaven.

Dat shit is unreal.

Dat shit is unreal.

Krystal is the best Jessica Jung since Jessica Jung.

Look at all that unfairness.

Look at all that unfairness.

Krystal’s moves are smoother than an oil-slicked stick of butter.

Hips don't lie.

Hips don’t lie.

Krystal is so hot that her heat signature can be read from space.

The dress should feel honored that it's pretty much getting maximal flattery.

The dress should feel honored that it’s pretty much getting maximal flattery.

Krystal is proof that God plays favorites.

I welcome our Jung overlord.

I welcome our Jungian overlord.


feels gif



  1. I wouldn’t have thought her to be one for polka dots, but I suppose the ‘Kavenyou Organiser Photography’ pic proves me wrong there.
    Looks like you’re looking to make f(x) one of your fully waifu-d groups 🙂

    1. Yeah, that one is almost done (hell, I almost went with Luna instead of Krystal anyways).

      1. So I can be expecting Luna sometime in the future ?

  2. I was going to complain if it was anyone other than Seolhyun but I can’t really complain about Krystal.

    1. No one can complain about Krystal.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Hottest sisters ever!

  4. TBH, Krystal ain’t just as good as Jessica, she does it better. I mean, Baby Jung is not just younger (more my age :D), she is (in my most humble opinion) cuter, and definitely more natural (since J got a teeth job). Also, Krystal actually looks even better without makeup than with (if that’s even possible) whereas J only looks good with makeup. And I kind of think K is sweeter and quieter than J, even though she is thought of as a bit of a princess – I think a lot of that bleeds over from her sister’s image. Also, abs. So all in all, I’m a Krystal fan, and not much of an Ice Princess Jessica fan.

    Yes, yes I did just tramp all over the object of your loving waifu stardom. 😀

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