SECRET’s Hyosung Slaughters Perfect Star1 Photoshoot

hyosung scrt star 1 yase cover

So, uh, Star1 did a perfect photoshoot with Hyosung. That in itself isn’t that notable because anything involving a camera and Hyosung is pretty much guaranteed to succeed.

Even the behind the scene footage is more essential viewing than Citizen Kane.

This is better than a Picasso.

hyosung secret star 1

Only the classiest sex bomb for Hyosung.

And while Hyosung may be described in many ways (some conflation of words usually reserved for divine beings and words often found in Scorsese films), outside of crazed netizen circles it will be hard to find anyone who would think that Hyosung is “chubby”. Unless you happen to be Hyosung.

It’s because of my muscles… I’ve naturally formed a lot of muscles from walking around ever since I was little. Since I’ve also been dancing since I was little, [my figure] is different from those who didn’t exercise… When I was little, I envied those who are of the skinny and delicate style. Because I am chubby and have a lot of muscles, I received a lot of stress… But as I grew older, I formed confidence. I am more confident and not stressed out about it these days… I can only be thankful… I think it’s a happy thing just to be an issue and receive interest as a celebrity.”

She also surprised fans by revealing her diet involves a lot of eating, “I am the type to eat a lot… I think I eat way more than the average person. Even though I eat a lot during promotions, I exercise a lot so I don’t see a change in weight.”

Of course, the obsession over Hyosung’s weight (which are really just her freaking obscenely great curves) is likely to follow Hyosung as long as she has a career in K-Pop. Good to see that she’s not stressed about it seeing as her figure is always somewhere between “flawless” and “ideal”.

If this girl is chubby then God is a chubby chaser.



  1. Yes, she’s not chubby. She has slim arms and shoulders and generally is perfectly hourglass-shaped.

  2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    There has to be a translation issue here. Unless “chubby” means “not in dire need of a sandwich” in Korean. She has what is quite probably the best body in all of Kpop. And that’s saying quite a bit, as almost all of the girls in Kpop have fantastic bodies.

    1. Cosigned.

      Hope it’s a translation thing but there is a history of dumb comments about Hyosung’s weight even though she’s always looked great.

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