There is Now a Date Attached to Hyomin’s ‘Nice Body’ Solo Debut


After some delays and having to take wait for Jiyeon’s time in the sun to fade, Hyomin will finally have her solo debut on July 2nd.

Even Core Contents Media seemed to be relieved to finally have a concrete date set:

“Hyomin’s comeback date is finally fixed. Get ready for her first solo mini album, which will be released on July 2, 2014”

As a way to ensure the maximum amount of print while showing as little as possible, CCM also released a teaser image (above) to go with that date which they surely want you to circle on your calendars.

Hyomin’s slaying y’all. Although, now I have more questions than answers. What is with the Coke bottle? Are soda endorsements going to be the next trend in K-Pop? What is with that pose? Is she tired? And what’s the deal with —

Good god, dem legs.

Gonna go circle July 2nd on the calendar. Why does CCM have to be good at everything but handling controversy?


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