Hyosung Becomes Endorsement Model for Mobile Game ‘Hero’s Star’, Real Star is the Press Release

hyosung hero secret 2

Mobile Game ‘Hero’s Star’ was able to nab SECRET’s Hyosung to be their endorsement model and the results are pretty agreeable.

Marketing at its finest.

Marketing at its finest.



However, as good as this is, it has nothing on this press release that tries its damnedest to say exactly what it means without saying what that is at all:

TS Entertainment revealed, “[Hyosung’s] appeal to teenagers and those in their twenties with her flashy and cute image on stage, and even middle-aged [viewers] through her recent starring in the daily drama [‘My Dear Cat‘], played a big role in landing an endorsement deal as a CF model.”

Translation: Males age “hitting puberty” through “needs Viagra” find Hyosung to be hot and Hero’s Star marketing team identified “dudes with eyes” as their primary demographic.

It’s amazing how much a company is willing to twist itself into knots in order to avoid saying “because sexy that’s why”.


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