Homeless Man Claims SNSD’s Seohyun is His Dead Wife


On the one hand, you have to have compassion for a homeless Chinese dude who is just trying to get by, even if it means employing straight-up deception. A guy’s gotta eat, after all.

On the other hand, if you’re going to concoct a story to try and elicit some pity by claiming that you need money to help feed your daughter after your wife tragically died in a fire, maybe don’t choose a pop star’s face to represent your imaginary wife.

Especially if that pop star is in THE MOST FAMOUS GIRL POP GROUP IN AN ENTIRE COUNTRY.

There’s the off-chance that people may just recognize her and call bullshit on your hustle.

Seohyun was spotted on a poster put up by a homeless man on the streets of Nanchang, Jiangxi, and photos of the scene have been posted online. In order to gain pity and receive donations, the man claimed that the unlikely pair had been husband and wife until Seohyun passed away.

Taiwanese media outlet NOWnews reported, “There’s a homeless man on the streets of Nanchang, Jiangxi, China that uses Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun’s graduation photo on a sign and puts on a serious expression to beg for money.” On the poster, the homeless man claims that his “wife” died in a fire 2 years ago and that he suffered extreme injuries. He adds that he’s begging in order to feed their daughter and his family.

This is preposterous for a number of reasons, and that’s excluding the fact that Seohyun is neither a) married b) a mother or c) dead. Everyone knows that there is no way that Seohyun will get married until she’s successfully elected ruler of the free world and ends world hunger by providing sweet potatoes for all.

Also, it’s extremely doubtful that Seohyun’s dies by fire, as I’m pretty sure that robots can withstand flames.




  1. black soshi · · Reply

    That’s an awesome tale. You would think that a photo of ANYONE non-famous would of worked out better. You can’t really blame the guy for his aspirations though if he knows who she is. Seobaby is in my top three “I Want That” list, so I guess I get where he’s coming from. Kapneki na bad girl?

  2. LOL. Wait, if he’s poor and homeless, how did he get photoshop that picture of him and Seo?

    By the way, 2NE1’s Crush MV (Japanese) is out. Would like to read your take on it, critical or otherwise 🙂


    1. Youtube mirror that will probably be taken down soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcVxHanCx1A

      1. Sorry for the late reply. This is actually really, really good. At least there is now evidence that 2NE1 still has it when YG cares enough to give them good stage equipment to work with.

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