AOA Run the Sexy Concept Playbook to a Tee with Teaser for ‘Short Hair’


Aside from the title being a bit misleading, (AOA all don’t have short hair in it after all) AOA appears to be going back to the sexy concept well and they’re copying the well-worn formula perfectly.

It remains to be seen whether that’ll lead to something a little exciting or something that’s cookie-cutter boring. Right now, things may lean a tad towards the boring side of the equation.

The dresses are short, the girls’ silhouettes look nice and there’s an ample helping of Brave Brothers and that production team’s trademark sound of jazzy disco that leaves one feeling slightly dirty.

It’s nice but things look formulaic so far. It also doesn’t help that the whole Brave Brothers connection draws comparisons immediately to SISTAR (a group that really blew up in popularity thanks to the combination of short dresses and Brave Brothers guitars).

But (and this is a huge but) I’ll probably change my mind and gush over this thing once video surfaces of Choa and Yuna because I am easy to please like that. Let’s be real.



  1. “I am easy to please like that”
    who ins’t? hahaha
    But I’m truly hoping the mv delivers something really good, miniskirt was good but well i like variety on “my sexy concepts”.

  2. moyaaa · · Reply

    I would have preferred an AOA Black band release next but FNC is sticking to what sells, I suppose. AOA has done fairly well with the sexy but not slutty image so far.
    That first photo is refreshing. Jimin still rocks short hair the best, whereas Hyejeong actually looks kinda plain. Seolhyun can be bald and still look gorgeous!

    1. “Seolhyun can be bald and still look gorgeous!”

      Agreed. And yet she continues to be overlooked for Waifu Wednesday.

      1. At this point, Seolhyun is the Leonardo DiCaprio of Waugh Wednesday. She’s just too… obvious. I need to save an obvious one for a Wednesday when I need a freebie.

      2. Isn’t that what Boram is for?

      3. Grrrrr, well played.

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