Wa$$up Release Their ‘FIRE’ Dance Tutorial Video and I Happily Eat My Words


With ‘FIRE’, Wa$$up has the unusual music video where the dance choreography version is technically the better quality video.

After all, this one doesn’t assault the eyes with neon lights for three minutes.

Nari and Dain are still the best damn things.

Also, after seeing the dance in its entirety I must offer a retraction. I had described Wa$$up’s performance in the music video like this:

Outfits that stretch the very definition of athletic apparel, dance moves that are designed to be gawked over rather than imitated and members that attack sexy with all the fervor of a Pentecostal church service.

You know what? The dance is actually quite nice. I take that part back.

I do, however, stand by Nari and Dain being the best damn things.


One comment

  1. Dain is the best. Who is the one with the red scarf on her head, is that Nada? She was hot in this video.

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