Psy Looks to Bring Back the Auto-Tuner with “Hangover” (featuring Snoop Dogg because why not)

Psy_1402025194_af_org (1)

The determination to make Psy an international superstar is kicking into full gear. In addition to debuting Psy’s new music video ‘Hangover’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, the song will also feature Snoop Dogg, which would make much more sense if the song was about getting high rather than the after-effects of drinking way too much booze.

The only way that this can be anything less than an awkward fit is if there’s plenty of references to gin and juice.

In order to build anticipation for the song, YG Entertainment provided a teaser image on Thursday. The graphic displays the release date as well as a helpful reminder that the release was three (now two) days away for those that can’t be bothered to learn things like “addition” and “today’s date”. The image is almost too on-the-nose until one notices the duck. WHAT IS WITH THE DUCK?

Psy also released a little teaser for “Hangover” through newly-made hype man Jimmy Kimmel. The initial impression looks… worrisome.

To be clear, the auto-tuner in itself is not a bad instrument. In the right hands, it can be pretty fun, especially when the artifice is emphasized. Yet here it sounds like Psy is trying to make a comatose G-Dragon reject track. Just because the track is called “Hangover” doesn’t mean that the song should make the listener feel like they’re experiencing one while giving the single a spin.




  1. I don’t like the song but it will be viral because of mostly I-Fans

  2. ald98 · · Reply

    I’m not sure. It’s sounds catchy, though/

  3. I hope he at least keeps the tradition of featuring some hot K-pop girl in it.

    1. That tradition continues at least.

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