SISTAR Will Look to Reclaim the Sexy Throne in July


It’s been over a year since SISTAR last graced the world with a comeback. Since that time, nearly every girl group has tried to emulate SISTAR’s path to success; namely by aping SISTAR’s mixture of sex and sheen.

And while some groups have been able to ride the SISTAR formula to success (Girl’s Day being the prime example), no one has been able to match the winning formula of Hyorin’s voice and Bora’s legs. Now, the queens of K-Pop’s loins are coming for their crown once again. It’s about time.

Multiple music insiders stated in an exclusive by Star News on the 5th, “SISTAR is currently recording the second-half of their new mini album… They are putting their all into perfecting their current title track and more… They are looking into making a comeback early July.”

According to the insiders, SISTAR will stick with their sexy and powerful concept for this summer album as well. If the reports are true, this will mark the group’s comeback in one year and one month since their 2nd full-length album ‘Give It To Me‘.

“Sexy and powerful” can pretty much describe every single SISTAR release. Hell, it describes every single SISTAR performance, every single SISTAR advertisement and every single SISTAR member. They could have just stated that SISTAR will SISTAR the SISTAR and it would be just as clear as to what the concept would be.

The SISTAR branding is strong.

The SISTAR branding is strong.

Consistency is a wonderful thing.

Consistency is a wonderful thing.



Considering how fast K-Pop moves, a year may as well be an eternity. This should be worth the wait.



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    You know, I recognize and appreciate their talent and beauty. But I can’t think of one Sistar song that I really like. Ma Boy is good, but other than that I’ve always been disappointed by them. Hopefully this new one will break that string.

    1. To me, ‘Alone’ and ‘Loving U’ are legitimately great tracks and I will stand by them as long as SISTAR walks the earth. SISTAR can be pretty hit or miss though.

  2. gillyweeds · · Reply

    Sorry this kind of off-topic but do you do full album reviews?

    1. I do! Depends on the group and if enough songs on it warrant a say one way or another.

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