Waifu Wednesday: Hyeri

hyeri girls day cover

Lee Hyeri is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, model and actress. She is best known for being the maknae in K-Pop girl group Girl’s Day.

Hyeri was one of two new members (the other being the perfect Yura) that Dream Tea Entertainment brought in to replace Jiin and Jisun back in June of 2010. Let’s just say that Dream Tea really hit it out of the park (Don’t take my word for it, Tony Ahn saw it too). Hyeri is pretty much the textbook maknae. She’s never going to get the most amount of lines or even get many moments to shine but she’s striking enough to hold her own visually. In a group that has Sojin, Yura and Minah, that’s no small feat, that’s a damn miracle. Bottom line: Hyeri is very pretty, does adequate filler work for Girl’s Day and she has the legs of an Amazonian goddess.


Hyeri is so hot that her gaze causes droughts.

Trying to look at fifty billion things at once.

Trying to look at fifty billion things at once.

Hyeri is so impossible that Ethan Hunt won’t accept her as a mission.



Hyeri’s legs are so holy the Pope prays to them three times a day.

Provided without comment.

Provided without comment.

Hyeri is so awe-inspiring that Godzilla bows down to her.

Midriff kill.

Midriff kill.

Hyeri destroys brains like hurricanes wreck sand castles.

Go on...

Go on…


washed away in feels



  1. Finally, surprised its taken this long. My Girls Day bias. That gif is so suggestive, the start looks like she’s about to undress, and its not just my dirty mind talking.

    1. I’m a little surprised it’s taken this long as well. I actually had to check to make sure this one hadn’t been done already.

  2. Oh yeah, I seem to remember mentioning her amazonian-level legs a while back.

  3. 3rd group to be completely featured in Waifu Wednesdays :).
    I love Hyeri. She may share ‘my bias’ position with 2 others but that just goes to show the sheer impossibility that is Girls Day .

    1. Yup, Girl’s Day is ridiculous.

  4. I like Girls Day, but I only can remember the name of one of the girls, Hyeri, and it’s a reason why it’s her i remember 🙂

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